Book Review of “The Cave Monster” by Thomas and Peter Weck

By Sylvia Cochran

The Cave Monster

By Thomas and Peter Weck

Lima Bear Press

September 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-933872-01-8


The Lima Bears are back! This time they must face the cave monster, which lives in the quintessential dark, scary place that nobody wants to visit. Giving one another courage and devising a plan that is doomed virtually from the beginning, they nevertheless set out to save Cousin L. Joe Bear. Weaving a thread throughout the brief narrative is the idea of courage. Individually, the characters do not possess too much of it; put together into a group — and committed to a course of action — they are unstoppable.


As usual, the Lima Bear story includes pre- and post-reading instructions for interaction with youngsters. Craft ideas round out this book that is so much more than merely a brief narrative to capture a child’s imagination. Make good use of these suggestions and expand on them, especially as you will most likely read this book to your child time and again.


While the age range going from four to eight years might be a bit optimistic — I would put the cut-off at about five or six — the story itself is timeless. Of all the Lima Bear books I have had a chance to read thus far, this one is my favorite. The characters are honest, straight-forward and experience fear of the unknown just like any child would. Kids will relate quickly to the terrified group that nevertheless works together to overcome fear, circumstance … and the cave monster.



Let the kind reader please take note that I received a copy of “The Cave Monster,” free of charge, from KSB Promotions.



Sylvia Cochran

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