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Chamonu (Spanish): Meaning of Names — Origin — Ideas for Baby Names

Also see Basque (Spanish)

AfricanAngloArabian and ArabicAramaicArmenianArthurian (English)Basque (Spanish)Celtic
Chamonu (Spanish)ChineseCzechoslovakianDanishDutchEgyptianEnglishFinnish
ItalianJapaneseNative AmericanRomanianRussianScandinavianSlavicTurkish
NameMeaning of NameGenderOrigin
ADORAChamoru Spanishadore.female
AGANAChamoru Spanishblood.female




AMISTAfidelity; loyaltyfemalechamoru


ATISAIncrease; brighter.Diminutive Tisa exists.femalechamoru




CAMARINshelterer; protectorfemalechamoru


CHAMORRAwoman of the Chamoru peoplefemalechamoru


CHIRIKACHICHIRIKAname of a birdfemale


CHUBASCAstorm at seafemalechamoru


ECHAunisexual name meaning give blessingfemalechamoru


ERENSIAERENCIAChamoru Spanishheritage.


FRESCAChamoru Spanishfresh; cool.female


GUIFIUnisexual name meaning dream.femalechamoru


HAANIDay.Variants include AaniHaaneHaani


INAINAHUnisexual name meaning illuminate; light up.female


ININAglimmer of lightfemalechamoru




KAMIAFlower.Diminutive Kami exists.femalechamoru


LAYACNAUnisexual name meaning his/her sail.femalechamoru






MAMESUnisexual name meaning sweet; kind.femalechamoru


MELODIAChamoru Spanishmelody; song.female


MINAChamoru Spanishmine.female


MIRAmyrrh; wonderfulfemalechamoru




NAILEtall and slenderfemalechamoru


NENAChamoru Spanish term of endearment; darling; dearfemalechamoru


PAHARITAlittle birdfemalechamoru




RAINAREINAChamoru Spanishqueen.


SABANAChamoru Spanishgrass-covered mountain; hilly hilly.area.female




SENORAChamoru Spanishlady.female


SERENATAChamoru Spanishserenade; evening music.female


SIRENAChamoru Spanishmermaid.female


SUETTEluck; good fortunefemalechamoru


SUKORISUKARIChamoru Spanishaid; help.


TADTASIUnisexual name meaning having no sea.femalechamoru


TAITASIso seafemalechamoru


TASIUnisexual name meaning sea or ocean.femalechamoru


TASAPraise.Variants include TasieLatasi and LaTasi.female


TASINAUnisexual name meaningr his/her sea.femalechamoru


ACTASSIshare the seamalechamoru


ANGHETChamoru Spanishangel.Notemale


BENDISIONChamoru Spanishblessed.male


CADASSIto have something of the seamalechamoru


ECHAUnisexual name meaning give blessing.malechamoru








GUIFIUnisexual name meanning dream.malechamoru


HALOMTANOjungle; forestmalechamoru




HOBENChamoru Spanishyouthful; vigorous.male


HUSTOChamoru Spanishjust; righteous.male


INAINAHUnisexual name meaning illuminate; light up.male






KURIHIcorrectorguide; lead away.


LAIfriend; man; lawmalechamoru


LANGITChamoru and Tagalog name meaning heaven.malechamoru


LAYACNAUnisexual name meaning his/her sail.malechamoru


MAGAHEThonest; truthfulmalechamoru


MAHOYUstrong; toughmalechamoru


MAIPEfiery; hotmalechamoru


MAMESUnisexual name meaning sweet; kind.malechamoru


MENHALOMsmart; intelligentmalechamoru


NAPOChamoru Spanishwave; surf.male


NAPONAhis wavemalechamoru


NENOChamoru Spanish term of endearment; darling; dearmalechamoru








SERENACYRENAsunlight; sunshinemale


SUETTOfree; unboundmalechamoru


TADTASIUnisexual name meaning having no sea.malechamoru


TAILAYAGno sailmalechamoru




TASIUnisexual name meaning sea or ocean.malechamoru


TASINAUnisexual name meaning his/her sea.malechamoru


TORUChamoru Spanishbull; buckand seashell.male

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