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Teen “Chick-Lit” Picks

These chick-lit books have become the latest water cooler topic for many young women these days. Though often predictable in plot, (most chick-lit books consist of a fashion-forward protagonist living the high life in a major city with her equally fabulous friends by her side as she searches for her Prince Charming while wearing designer stilettos; name dropping of designers frequently appear) theses reads are surprisingly addicting and heartwarming.

Here are a few chick-lit picks for the younger set.

A Girl Like Moi by Lisa Barnham

Sixteen-year-old Imogene, a resident of the aristocratic town of Greenwich, Connecticut, is obsessed with fashion. A penniless, budding journalist, Imogene is looking forward to a relaxing summer vacation in Paris with her best friend, Evie. Nevertheless, when Imogene’s parents find out about her “only for emergencies” credit card debt, Imogene is not only prohibited from going to Paris, but is signed up for an internship program to pay off the money she owes. Instead of interning at a typical locale such as a hospital or library, Imogene scores the chance to intern at the hip magazine, “Hautelaw,” in New York City! Not only is she able to stay with Evie and her family in a luxurious apartment, on her very first night in the city she befriends a hot top model, and basks in a flirtation with an enchanting Italian boy. Nothing could go wrong until Imogene encounters numerous mishaps-including one very terrible fellow intern.

chick lit bookBittersweet Sixteen by Carrie Karasyov and Jill Kargman
Surrounded by shallow, filthy rich girls at her posh school in New York City, scholarship student Laura Finnegan couldn’t be any more opposite from her catty peers. While everybody in the sophomore class is preoccupied by upstaging each other at their “Sweet Sixteen” parties, Laura and her best friend Whitney try to stay out of the superficial drama. Even though Whitney is the schools most beautiful and wealthiest student, the two grew up together and are inseparable. All is well in the girls’ world until Sophie, a beautiful transfer student from California, shows up at school. Threatened by her similar status and equally beautiful exterior, Whitney invites Sophie into their tight knit crowd. Just as Laura starts feeling a little uneasy about Whitney and Sophie’s burgeoning friendship, the two queen bees plan a joint sixteenth birthday soiree, as neither of them want to give up their communal party date-a day in which they both happened to be born on. Soon, drama ensues. The school is torn into two camps, Whitney and Sophie. When Sophie makes a move on her longtime crush and Whitney starts displaying some less than kind behavior, Laura must find a place where she belongs.

girl teen bookGirl Of The Moment by Lizabeth Zindel
Lily, a high school senior, is desperate to get into Brown University. Willing to do anything she can which will up her chances of receiving admission into the prestigious school, her seemingly perfect plans to intern at a museum falls through. Soon, she finds herself working for Hollywood “it girl” Sabrina Snow. Upon meeting Sabrina, Lily is expected to complete ridiculous tasks in which she receives little recognition for her hard work. With a demanding, overbearing stage mom among other “young celebrity” stereotypes, Sabrina is rude and uncouth. Unhappy and disgusted at much of Sabrina’s behavior, Lily must deal with the consequences of standing up to the bratty superstar, and fight for what she truly believes in.

teen giftFalling Out Of Fashion by Karen YampolskyFalling Out Of Fashion by Karen Yampolsky
Georgia born and raised Jill White leaves home for the first time to attend a New England prep school. Feeling like a fish out of water when surrounded by her snobby, wealthy peers, Jill decides to attend a very liberal college where she feels more in her element. After graduating from school, Jill decides to move to New York City in hopes of receiving a job in the magazine world. Her dream is to someday find a magazine which features more regular humans and everyday issues as opposed to pictures of outrageously gorgeous models with unattainable features and “fluffy” articles with no meaning, and that is exactly what she gets. Soon, Jill receives the opportunity to run her very own, self-titled magazine. Free clothes and invites to the hottest parties aside, Jill is on top of the world and is admired by many. Yet when things at the magazine start to go downhill, and testy co-workers back Jill into various corners, she decides she can’t sit back and watch her world become destroyed-no matter what it takes.

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