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By Kathrine Kreger

Helping your child develop can be fun because play is the work of any child. Since they learn through playing, here are five fun ideas to encourage learning both you and your child will enjoy.


The fantasy play box

Skill: Responsibility

Development Task: Role Playing an imaginative scenario in which their decisions will provide for their needs.

Go beyond the princess or superman dress up themes and find some pieces that are blank canvases so your child and peers can create a variety of pretend scenarios. A long piece of blue satin can be a wizard’s cape or, on the ground, water they have to avoid. Add in small items that can be food, store products or gifts. Keep a big box around that can be transformed into a train, time machine or anything their imagination decides it can be.

Beyond the playground

Skill: Appreciating their environment.

Development Task: Go on a nature walk and talk about the environment that surrounds them and it’s beauty.

Playgrounds are great, but you can help your child discover the beauty of the outdoors by encouraging them to use all their senses while on a walk. Carefully sniff moss and pine needles, compare the bark of trees with smooth leaves, and talk about the difference. Encourage your child to find different sized leaves, twigs, acorns, and seeds and have an artfest back home by arranging and gluing some of the pieces. Talking about all the characteristics of the pieces, like smooth, soft, green or brown, will add language learning to sensory learning.

Training dolly

Skill: Potty Training

Development Task: It’s been said that the teacher is the one who learns the most. Teach your child the importance of potty training by letting them be the teacher.

If it’s time to start potty training, it can be helpful to invest in a potty training doll. Let your child feed and then take the doll to go potty and make a big fuss about how great the doll did on the potty. Your little one will be ready to try for themselves.

Obstacle course

Skill: Exercise is important for our health and can be fun.

Development Task: Organize a simple obstacle course for your child with activities they enjoy doing

Exercise is important to your child’s development and most kids today don’t get enough due to the allure of videos and games. At home, give your child an obstacle course with a variety of crawling and jumping challenges to help their balance and coordination. This can be as simple as pillows to jump to and boxes to crawl through, or it can be more elaborate with fun crawling tubes and piles of large foam cushions.

Busy little hands

Skill: Coordination and creativity

Development Task: Create toys out of Play-Doh, that resemble everyday items and have your child learn simple tasks such as tying a knot out of Play-Doh.

Encourage small motor development to prepare your child for such important milestones as using utensils, tying shoelaces and writing. Using Play-Doh, create some smaller pieces your child can use as eyes or buttons, or long ropes they can manipulate. Show them how to roll out and stack the ropes to create bowls or houses. The end result doesn’t really matter, just the process of using all those little fingers in a focused way.


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