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Chinese Names and their Meaning — Chinese Names Origin — Ideas for Baby Names


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NameMeaning of NameGenderOrigin


BING QINGclear as icefemalechinese




CHAN JUANthe moon; graceful; ladylikefemalechinese


CHANGfree; uninhibitedfemalechinese


CONGUnisexual name meaning “intelligent; clever”femalechinese


FANGfragrant; sweet smellingfemalechinese


FANG YINfragrant carpet of grass; breath of flowersfemalechinese


FENfragrant; sweet smellingfemalechinese




HUAN YUEjoyful; happyfemalechinese


HUI YINGbright; intelligentfemalechinese


JIA LIgood and beautifulfemalechinese


JIANG LIriver beautifulfemalechinese


JIAObeautiful; handsome; tender; lovely; charmingfemalechinese




JINGcrystal; sparklingfemalechinese


JUANbeautiful; gracefulfemalechinese




LEEUnisexual name meaning “plum”femalechinese


LEIflower budfemalechinese


LIUnisexual name meaning “strength; beautiful”femalechinese


LI MINGbeautiful and brightfemalechinese


LI MEIbeautiful plum blossomfemalechinese


LI NAbeautiful and gracefulfemalechinese


LI QINbeautiful stringed musical instrumentfemalechinese


LI RONGbeautiful Lotusfemalechinese


LI WEIbeautiful rosefemalechinese


LIANUnisexual name meaning “the graceful willow” or (female – “daughter of the sun”)femalechinese




LINbeautiful jade; also a family namefemalechinese


LIN YAObeautiful Jade treasurefemalechinese


LINGtinkling of pieces of jadefemalechinese




MING UEbright moonfemalechinese




PARKUnisexual name meaning “cypress tree”femalechinese




QIfine jade; outstanding; distinguishedfemalechinese


QING YUANclear springfemalechinese


QIAOhandsome; prettyfemalechinese


RONGLotus; beautiful; elegantfemalechinese




SHU FANGkind; gentle and sweetfemalechinese


SHUANGbright; clear; openheartedfemalechinese


TINGTING TINGslim and gracefulfemale


WANgentle; gracious; beautiful; lovelyfemalechinese


WEIvaluable; preciousfemalechinese


XIAglow of the sunrise or sunsetfemalechinese




XIA HEsummer Lotus; pure and elegantfemalechinese


XIAO CHENearly morning; dawnfemalechinese


XIAO HONGmorning rainbowfemalechinese


XIN QIANhappy and beautifulfemalechinese


XIUelegant; beautifulfemalechinese


XIU JUANelegant; beautiful; gracefulfemalechinese




XUE FANGsnow fragrantfemalechinese


YAN YANtwo swallow birds; elegantfemalechinese


YI JIEhappy and purefemalechinese


YI ZEhappy and shiny like a pearlfemalechinese


YI MINhappy and smartfemalechinese


YU JIEpure beautiful jadefemalechinese


YUE YINGhappy and smart; kindfemalechinese


YUE YOUhappy and friendlyfemalechinese


YUE YANhappy and beautifulfemalechinese


YUE WANhappy and gentlefemalechinese




ZHEN JUANprecious and beautifulfemalechinese


ZHIIrises; orchids; noble character; true friendshipfemalechinese


ZIgraceful; beautifulfemalechinese


TAOpeach; symbol of long lifefemalechinese




CONGUnisexual name meaning intelligent; clevermalechinese








KUAN-YINBuddhist deity of mercy.malechinese


LEEUnisexual name meaning plummalechinese




LIUnisexual name meaning strength; beautifulmalechinese


LIANUnisexual name meaning the graceful willowmalechinese








PARKUnisexual name meaning cypress treemalechinese




SHENspiritual; deep-thinkingmalechinese





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