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Just In Time for Halloween and Fall Festivals: Divine Carvings

Just In Time for Halloween and Fall Festivals: Divine Pumpkin Carvings

Every so often you meet up with someone on the Internet who has a brilliant idea. Perhaps it is a new gadget, or maybe a publication that just fills a need in your life. As Christian parents, we oftentimes are a bit at a loss when the month of October looms large. Usually it means fall festivals, parties, but also Halloween – which for many questions is a thorny subject.

Loyal readers know my feelings on the subject of Halloween. Kept in proper perspective, celebrated with modesty and good taste, October 31st can be a fun filled day that will likely supply you with a year’s worth of candy. Unfortunately, as Christian parents only know too well, what they themselves may be planning can very quickly be torpedoed by that which the rest of the neighborhood is doing. Schools will host Halloween dances that not only include blood and guts and gore, but positively revel in them. Your children’s playmates will love the idea of playing with the Ouija board or bobbing for apples, while sadly even some churches will put on “haunted” houses that depict vile evil images that are unfit for children.

Perhaps you would like to host a pumpkin carving party, but are a bit short on time and creativity, and you are not quite certain what to carve. Crosses are nice, but you do not really want your front porch to look like a graveyard. Maybe you want to stay away from pumpkins altogether, and are wondering if there is anything else you can carve for table displays at the local fall festival.

Take a look at some of these carvings and be amazed: (1)

christian halloweenchristian halloween pumpkin carving
christian halloween

Continued from above.

Meet Mike from Divine Carvings – he may very well hold the answer to your questions! Here is an interview to which he graciously agreed on rather short notice.

  1. Question: What is “Divine Carvings?”
    Answer: Divine Carvings is a Christian based watermelon and pumpkin carving kit (web site) that gives Christians a way to promote God in the work place, schools and on Halloween without actually saying any thing. When you display a divine carving it will be the talk of whatever function at which you display it.
  2. Question: Who is behind the website?
    Answer: My name is Mike Lacy. I have been a Christian for three years now. Some would still call me a baby-Christian. I have no denomination, but just love the Lord. When I was in grade school I was very much into art and then I got into music. I played bass for about 25 years. Now God has directed me back to art and has He moved me to make art kits for everyone to use.
  3. Question: How did you come up with the idea for this concept?
    Answer: Halloween of 2004 my then-girlfriend (now fiancé) and I had bought a popular carving kit and planned to carve a pumpkin for her since she could not be there that day. I wanted to carve something different so I drew “I love Tina” in a heart and carved it (it’s displayed on the web site). A couple of days later my pastor was talking about Halloween and that it is not a holiday for Christians. 1+1=2
  4. Question: What is your goal for your website?
    Answer: My goal for Divine Carvings is to just get people excited. When I see the reaction of some of the people I talk to it confirms that God is alive and is working.
  5. Question: Will you be adding additional patterns?
    Answer: Divine Carvings will always be changing. I have 52 patterns and more in the works! I want people to share ideas. You can request text to be added to existing patterns and you can even send in logos to be made into patterns. I want people to interact in a new and fun way.
  6. Question: Are you giving classes in pumpkin/melon carving in your area?

    Answer: All kits come with step by step instructions, but if anybody has any questions or comments, I will always take the time needed to walk them through the Divine process. Classes are a good idea, maybe in the future!
  7. Question: How can folks contact you if they have questions, ideas, or just want to say “hi?”
    Answer: You can contact Divine Carvings at or call me at 817-633-3917. I personally will address all questions, comments and howdys.

As you can see, here is a wonderful idea for you and your family to let your lights shine on a usually dark holiday, have loads of fun, and perhaps even learn a new craft! Additionally, you will be spending some time together as a family – and who can beat that?!?

So go ahead and give Mike a call or send him an email, and let him know you heard about him through Families Online Magazine!

  1. All images used with express permission from Mike at Divine Carvings
  2. Holidays And The Christian Parent….Halloween!

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