Save Big This Christmas

This is our year. At least according to the National Retail Federation which states that 2009 will be the holiday season for the serious bargain hunter. So let’s all live up to their expectations which won’t be too hard to do. With unemployment at a record high and foreclosures still mounting, for those who do have a little to spare and want to give tangible gifts this year there is nothing but opportunity.

The key to stretching your dollars is getting your game plan together by starting early and checking often. First draw up your list of recipients, multiple gift ideas for each one and a total budget amount. After all, the most frugal shoppers are always armed with a plan.

Black Friday Sales

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, is one of the best times of the year to shop. Many websites that cover Black Friday deals, are already up and running. In fact at least one ad for the 2009 holiday season has already been posted. In addition to Black Friday, many stores such as Kmart are so eager for your money that they’ve opened their doors on Thanksgiving day for the past few years. So look out for ads for this day too. Lastly, keep in mind – at least for those who don’t want to brave the crowds – many of deals are also available online and as early as midnight.

Weekly Sales Ads

In addition to the always anticipated Black Friday deals, there is always the weekly sales which tend to get even better as the clock starts ticking. To stay on top of last minute deals, if you aren’t a subscriber to the Sunday paper, pick up a copy every Sunday for the next couple of weeks. If you don’t want to pay the $1.50 for the paper, simply visit each retailer’s website and view the ad there.


Discount Stores

T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods are also great stops for bargain hunters. Deep discounts await the eager and patient shopper who is on a budget and still looking for something unique. Additionally, they all offer layaway which is yet another advantage for shopping there.

So if you haven’t started your holiday shopping, start now. Get your list together, sign up for some e-mail ads, and snatch up a newspaper. If Sunday has passed you by, just go to the retailers’ websites and look for a hyperlink to the weekly sales ads.

If you are looking for other ideas with an even lower price tag, please check out my previous articles on gift giving. Look for the word holiday in the article titles.

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Michelle Sharrow SharrowFamily FinanceSave Big This Christmas By Michelle P. Sharrow, MBA This is our year. At least according to the National Retail Federation which states that 2009 will be the holiday season for the serious bargain hunter. So let's all live up to their expectations...Parenting Advice| Family Fun Activities for Kids