Christmas Poems

The ABCs of Christmas

A is for Angels 
With halos so bright 
Whose carols were heard 
On that first Christmas Night 

B is for Bells 
So merrily ringing 
Joy to the world 
Is the message they're bringing 

C is for Candles 
That so brightly shine 
To give a warm welcome 
To your friends and mine 

D is for Doorway 
With garlands of green 
To make Christmas merry 
As far as they're seen 

E is for Evergreens 
With fragrance so rare 
So plentiful at Christmas 
Their scent fills the air 

F is for Fun 
The whole season long 
From trimming the tree 
To singing a song 

G is for Greetings 
A merry "hello" 
With a heart full of love 
For people we know 
H is for Holly 

With berries so red 
To make into wreaths 
To hang overhead 

I is for Ice 
On snow covered hills 
Where sledding is fun 
Along with the spills 

J is for Jesus 
The Christ child to dear 
We honor his birth 
On Christmas each year 

K is for Kris Kringle 
So merrily he stands 
He is who they call Santa 
In so many lands 

L is for Lanterns 
I am sure that their light 
Helped Mary and Joseph 
That first Christmas Night 

M is for Mary 
Her heart full of love 
For her little son Jesus 
Who came from above 

N is for Noel 
The angels did sing 
To herald the birth 
of Jesus, our king 

O is for Ornaments 
So shining and bright 
With lights on the tree 
To sparkle at night 

P is for Packages 
With ribbons so gay 
All 'round the tree 
For our Christmas Day 

Q is for Quiet 
Christmas Eve Night 
With snow covered hills 
Glistening so bright 

R is for Reindeer 
Who pull Santa's sleigh 
To your house, to my house 
They know the way 

S is for Shepherds 
Who first saw the star 
Over Bethlehem's manger 
And followed it far 

T is for Trees 
We decorate so gay 
Then wait for ol' Santa 
To hurry our way 

U is for Universe 
Where Christmas brings joy 
To all in world 
To each girl and each boy 

V is for Visiting 
Friends near and far 
We travel by plane 
Or by bus, or by car 

W is for Wise Men 
Who brought gifts so rare 
And knelt down and worshiped 
The child they found there 

X is for X-mas 
Or Christmas by full name 
No matter the language 
It all means the same 

Y is for Yule Logs 
Whose bright sparks fly high 
To give a warm welcome 
To friends passing by 

Z is for Zeal 
We show at this time 
In giving to others 
And loving mankind

Dad Reading Christmas Story to children

Christmas in the City

Christmas Eve in the city
Oh, the pleasure that it brings,
All the Yuletide decorations
And the carolers as they sing.
Snowflakes now are softly falling
Making everything so white,
Thoughts are turned to Our Lord Jesus
And His holy, righteous Might.
Stars are twinkling in the heavens,
One is shining extra bright,
Could it be the Star we're told of
That lit the manger scene that night?
In the morning all the children
Will wake up with eyes aglow
And open gifts that we have given
To show we love them so.
Just as Wise Men did for Jesus
With Frankincense and Myrrh,
To show their love for our Dear Savior
Now at long last He is here.

--Albert N. Theel

Christmas Love to You

I've nothing else to offer, 
So, to you, it's love I'll send. 
It's nothing that I borrowed. 
And it's nothing that I'd lend 

It has no dollar value, 
And it can't be overused; 
It isn't fragile, so it can't break, 
Though, often, it's abused. 

I've given it to others, 
But each time it's unique. 
It's meaning's always different; 
It depends on what you seek. 

It's something you can store away 
To feel when you're in need, 
But never is it on display; 
It's beauty can't be seen. 

I'm giving it "no strings attached", 
No costly warranty. 
This love that I am sending 
Has a lifetime guarantee. 

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 
To you and yours 


Ginger Bread Man Recipe for Life

1 Heaping cup of encouragement 
1 cup of melted compassion 
2 cups of hope 
1 cup of love 
1 tablespoon of faith 
(it only takes a little) 
2 large attitude 
Lots of hugs in assorted sizes 

Cream encouragement and compassion
Add hope, love, and faith. 
Mix thoroughly until smooth. 
Slowly add the unbeaten attitude. 
Batter should be firm but not 
unyielding knead gently. 
Roll in hugs and cut out to the 
desired shape. 
Add stars for eyes and a kiss. 
Bake in a warm oven. 
Excellent when shared with a friend. 

Christmas Giving 

By Iris W. Bray

Christmas is for giving
And for showing that we care,
For honoring the Christ Child
With the loving gifts we share.

The wise men gave of riches;
The sheperds, faith and love.
Each gift, in its own measure,
Was smiled on from above.

Let every gift be treasured;
Not always size or prize.


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