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How to Create Decorating Treasures

Don’t make the mistake of thinking something has to be brand new in order to look great on the walls. From children’s bedrooms to rooms adults can relax in, you can find a treasure trove of decorating ideas even among items you already have.

For a child’s room, all you need to create a cute and decorative wall display is four to six 5 x 7 picture frames, pieces of left over wallpaper samples, heavy duty craft glue and fashion doll clothes. Remove the backing from the frame and on the inside, glue down the wallpaper. You can use wallpaper in a variety of color and design. Next, glue one fashion doll outfit to each backing. Once the glue is dry, put the outfit into the frame, hand on the wall and you have instant wall dècor that any little girl will love.

For preteen boys, you can use maps to create wall dècor. Find a couple of world maps. If you don’t have some around the house, you can usually find them at the dollar store. Boil a large pot of water with tea bags. Let the water sit with the tea bags for half an hour. Then remove the tea bags and place the maps one at a time in the water. Leave them until they reach the desired color. Remove the maps, allow to dry. Frame and hang on the wall.

You can also use this idea to create a map table. Find an old table, cut the map to fit and glue it down. Then cover the top with Plexiglass or glass.

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