Family Christmas Short Story

Two- Foot Christmas Tree

by Jamie Edson Opielski

small Christmas treeHe wondered around the store looking at Christmas trees and checking the prices, all were too expensive- even the tiniest one. Disappointed he walked home wandering the streets, he just had to find a tree for his family. He pictured the look in his children’s eyes as they watched the lights flash one by one- they would be so excited and it’s already Christmas Eve. The presents that he bought, they’d each get one. One day he thought, I’ll give them ten presents a piece, maybe more, one day.

He passed by several streets until he came to an alley that stopped his feet, as he got a closer look he saw a little two- foot Christmas tree. Picking it up he thought of what a little ole thing it was, but a tear welled in his eye as he thought of the joy it would bring. “It’s perfect,” he said aloud as he brushed the snow off the limbs and looked down and noticed strands of lights, old ornaments and other decorations no longer wanted.

An elderly man watched from high above in his two- story house, and felt a world of compassion as he saw tears fall down the mans face and the smile he bared was that of happiness and sadness too. The elderly man wondered why anyone would want such old thrown out things and continued to watch the happiness his old things were bringing. He walked down stairs and waited outside, he didn’t want the man to see him so he hid on the side. He heard the man say “thank you, who ever you are for letting go of such precious things. My children will be so happy, I can’t get them many things. But this little tree will be the first Christmas tree they’ve ever had, and maybe one day I can repay you- but right now thanks is all I can give”.

The man passed by wiping away his tears, he needed to get home and share the treasures of old years. The elderly man followed distantly behind, he wanted to see where he lived and what kind of life he’s led. The neighborhood was poor, mostly small houses and off to the side was the smallest of them all. The man walked up the broken sidewalk and into his house, only a dim light was lit as his wife waited up. The kids were already in bed, though it was only eight- thirty. Tomorrow was Christmas and they vowed to get up early.

Outside the elderly man watched the couple put the tree on a table and decorate the little thing with love and hope. His heart was aching at the picture he saw of four young kids that hung on the wall, but warmed up quickly when he thought of something he could do. The elderly man walked away and thought of all the other people in the world, who don’t have much and wish for things they can’t afford. He went inside and told his wife of what happened and they both insisted that they needed to go shopping.

The store was busy of last minute shoppers as they walked aisle to aisle filling up the basket. Finally they got home and wrapped up the presents and piled them into two big bags and loaded them into the car. It was past midnight when they left and made a short journey to the family’s small house. The house was dark, but made their way with a couple flashlights into the unlocked shack. It was clean, but not much filled the room as they looked around and saw their old little two foot tree. Sitting underneath were five small presents, one each for the kids and one for his wife. They opened the bags and started laying out the presents, and by the time they were done the small room was full of surprises. They left quietly and
gently closed the door, but not before turning on a new set of lights that the two- foot tree bore.

On Christmas morning one by one, they woke each other up to go see what Santa had brought. As
they pass the kitchen to see if the cookies were eaten, they found a note of thanks and wonderful
greetings. They hurried to the living room to see a tree with flashing lights of blue, yellow, red and
green. Their eyes wide with excitement at all the presents Santa had left them and their old worn out
stockings stuffed full with things.

They ran to their parents to wake them, “Wake up! Wake up! Santa was here! Can we open our presents? He left us more than one this year! Santa was here!” They hurried to the living room in amazement to see all the presents under the little two- foot tree. They looked at each other with tears in their eyes, as their children opened their many surprises. “Hey mom these are for you, and look dad you got some  too!”

Like children themselves they opened theirs too and couldn’t believe their dreams had come true. Till alls was left was a little card with an invitation to Christmas dinner that read ‘We’ll pick yall up at two’.

A heart warming ending for the family of six, who wasn’t able to afford Christmas- just a small toy each and a little two- foot tree found in the trash down the street. What one family threw out another family cherished, as it brought so much joy to the one bedroom palace. Christmas is the time to give, every family, especially the children should have Christmas…

Jamie Edson Opielski
Copyright ©2016 Jamie Edson Opielski

About the Author

Jamie Edson Opielski is a Poet/Copywriter/writer. She lives in Universal City, Texas with her husband Jason where she is a ‘Write at Home Mom’ of four children; Alona, Matthew and twin boys Jason and Justin. Jamie is the Regional Representative of the San Antonio- Chapter of the National Association of Women Writers. She is also the Senior Press Manager/Regional Press Editor of the Womans-Network. [email protected].

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