College: Not Just for Kids Anymore

by Kelly S. Croslis


Though the concept of college may be the same for all students, the stress and future goals are different. The college student most people think of usually ranges in age from 18-21, and are most often away from home for the first time. As a result, they now have choices, and no parent to tell them what to do. They are responsible for their own lives, needing to learn to manage their time, and find a job, while attending school. They enter this new world with the anticipation of freedom, fun and a good job after graduation.

The new face in the halls is usually 30 years old or older, and is returning to school after several years away. Some are starting their college education, after raising a family and are now ready to do something for themselves. Their lives are considerably different from their younger classmates. They have been on their own for awhile, and are concerned about juggling family, responsibilities, work, and the adjustment of being back in school after many years. Most important to them are the hopes of a new career or a job promotion after they graduate.

Though they may come to college for different reasons, the result is the same. It is their chance to make a better life for themselves or their families. As the younger generation is looking for freedom in their lives, those who are returning to school also see freedom. The same opportunities were not available 20 years ago, so now is their time to shine; bringing to light everyday the idea that it's never too late to begin life.

In the hallways of our colleges and universities, there is a new sense of hope, dedication, and dreams. Where once stood only the youth of our future, they are now joined by people of all ages who share the dreams of a better life.