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A New Year; a new start, well, it would be if you can stick to them. It’s funny how we all blindly promise to make a resolution without really knowing why.

The Babylonians made promises to their Gods at the start of the year to return any borrowed items and pay their debts. We could all take a leaf out of their books I think.

Over the Centuries it doesn’t just relate to borrowing or paying back debts, we use it to pledge to our friends, our families and ourselves that we will become better people.

So what are the 5 most common?

1.  Lose weight, get fit, new wardrobe

Who wouldn’t want to achieve this after eating all that turkey and chocolate over the festive period? Most of us wave goodbye to the diet as early as the start of December in preparation for a jolly merry Christmas and it soon piles on the pounds. It is no good claiming that the dryer shrunk that pair of trousers; you just ate too many pies and you’re paying the consequences. January is when your local Gym has a field day, with their promotions and special offers designed to reel you in. Research shows that 60% of membership goes unused and by February most people have cancelled or give up the idea of going. Why? Some of us are just that lazy. More Help to Lose Weight

2.  Give up smoking

Again; why wouldn’t you want to give up?! It costs more money than you have to keep up the habit, and it’s certainly not doing your body any good. Say goodbye to yellow teeth, smelly clothes and standing outside in the cold on a night out and slap on a nicotine patch. If patches aren’t right for you there is a lot more help where that comes from, including counselling and meets with other like minded people. Be warned though, roughly 15% of people who attempt the move to smoke free stay off the cigarettes after six months. The statistics might be against you, but don’t lose heart. Help to Stop Smoking.

3.  I will never drink again

This is extremely relative to the first day after the New Year after your shocking consumption over the holidays. But be more realistic; it’s easier to cut down rather than cut it out completely. Give your Liver some love and combine saving money with drinking less and getting fit. You don’t need to binge every weekend to have fun. Make your resolutions easier by combining these three together and by the summer you’ll be fit and lithe enough to frolic during the Summer months. Help to Stop Drinking.

4.  Save Money

Not as easy as it looks huh? Getting out of debt and saving money is definitely in the top 5 but is probably in the top 5 of common fails. Not only have you borrowed on various credit cards all year long, but December isn’t very wallet friendly either. Unemployment is high, low wages are common and life is just as expensive as it was 10 years ago, if not more. Just announcing that you’re no longer going to spend money on unnecessary items is, putting it bluntly, a total lie. Don’t over reach yourself, make an attainable goal like; I will at least halve my debts this year or I will only eat in a restaurant once a month. Anything to squeeze out some of those pennies and save for a rainy day. Ways to Save Money

5.  The new you

Everyone wants to reinvent themselves in the New Year. You don’t want to be the unfashionable/stressed/lonely/depressed/flakey (delete as appropriate) person you were last year. The changes are in your hands; a new haircut and a new attitude could start off a successful year and it just takes perseverance to not slip back into the bad habits by the following year. Be the new improved you and make everyone else sit up and take notice, it’s about time.

A study in at Bristol University showed 88% of 3,000 people failed in their New Year’s resolutions due to a combination of unachievable goals or no drive to succeed. Frank Ra (author of the book “A course in happiness”):

“Resolutions are more sustainable when shared, both in terms of with whom you share the benefits of your resolution, and with whom you share the path of maintaining your resolution. Peer-support makes a difference in success rate with new year’s resolutions”.

A problem shared is a problem halved; so make next year your year to shine and help others shine as bright as you.

What are your New Year Resolutions? How do you plan to keep them? Please share below.

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