The Creek – An Inspirational Reading

What do you see when you look into a creek? What we see in the water is almost what we see in ourselves and in each other. When you look in the water of a creek thru the murky water, you see what is underneath, the rocks, the mud, and the debris – the truth below the water. To a passer by only the rushing current is seen, creating a beautiful serene scene.

When we look at ourselves, what do we see? Do we let people only see the surface, the clear water that flows? Of course we do. When an artist paints a picture, we see the beauty; we don’t see the mistakes that were made. But those mistakes also make up the picture, they are part of the final product, they aren’t the whole picture.

Just like us, what we see in ourselves in not who we are. We may see mistakes, but others don’t see them, we are like a painting or a rushing creek – it’s not the whole picture.

So look at a flowing current, a beautiful painting, or even look in the mirror – what is under the surface is not who we are or what it really is. There is beauty in everything – if we only look for it and most of all believe it is true.

Kelly Croslis

Kelly Croslis is our Grandparenting and Sports Section author and editor.

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