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Five Ways to Get Dad Back to School

dad teacherDads are becoming more concerned and more interested in their children’s education at home.
Though there are more and more dads opting to take over the homeschooling helm, even if dad
can’t be home all day, there are still opportunities for him to get involved.

1. Science experiments: If you’re not that interested in science, pass the experiments on to dad.
Dads are great when it comes to knowing where to find the supplies from the garage needed to
build volcanoes, telephones made from cans and more. Dads are also lots of fun when it comes to
dissecting worms and frogs, something you might not have been looking forward to anyway. If
the weather’s agreeable, you can have dad and the kids move the science experiment out to the
yard and let them make a mess to their heart’s content! Be sure to plan the experiment in advance
and have any supplies that you don’t have lying around the house purchased ahead of time. Or
consider going out to pick up the right supplies and equipment a science field trip!

2. Shop talk: Shop isn’t just for boys these days but if you haven’t got a knack for tools, this is
the perfect class for dad to teach. Just let dad know ahead of time that you would like him to give
a wood working class. He’ll be able to pick up the right wood and make sure he has all the tools
needed. Choose a project that everyone can enjoy such as building a birdhouse or a treasure box.
If you would like to pick one project everyone can work on together consider building a
miniature bridge for your garden or even a picnic table. Dad not only will be teaching them how
to cut wood and handle tools, but how to stay safe while working with them as well. And don’t
forget the great added benefit of using their math skills too!

3. Ask the coach: Every family I talk to know tries to incorporate some type of activity toward
physical education. Getting dad to act as “coach” is another great way to get him involved. Let
him choose the sport or take a poll and ask your children what they would like to play. If dad
played a particular sport as a child, it would be a great chance to teach them the rules and
regulations of the game. Gym day can be as simple as a power walk or as big as a baseball game
with another family.

4. Family farming: There’s nothing more most dads love than being out and gardening. Let dad
teach the children about agriculture by helping them set up a garden of their own. Sowing,
fertilizing and preparing the soil themselves will teach them much more than reading about soil
in any textbook can. Dad can even incorporate a field trip to the garden center. He can show them
all the different types of vegetable and fruit seeds. On the backs of most seed packs you’ll find
maps of the country showing which climates are most conducive to what seeds. What a great
geography lesson to boot!

5. Hold a Career Day: Depending on where dad works, he might be able to take the children to
work for a few hours to see what he does. Not only is this great for them to see just what dad
works so hard at, but it’s great for them to see what jobs are out there. If dad works in a bank
they can see tellers at work as well as loan officers. If dad works in the office of a factory,
perhaps they will be able to take a tour and learn firsthand how something is manufactured. Dads
who work in retail can also show their children jobs such as sales, buying and accounting.

Since this is an activity that has to be planned well ahead, discuss all the details with your
husband and plan a date. Career day field trips are great opportunities for children to learn and
spend time with their very favorite teacher – dad!

Christina Lorenzen is a full-time writer specializing in parenting and health issues. With more than 125 articles published, she also offers her wisdom and experience to other writers by teaching writing workshops through local libraries, bookstores and online. In addition to this column, she is also a columnist for Connecting @ Home magazine. She can reached at [email protected]

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