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smiley face rock paper weightkids craft mouse rock paper weight


Make a Rock Paper Weight

You will need :

One rock from your garden - a good sized one

Acrylic Craft Paint



Chenille Assortment


Wash the rock to get any dirt and grime off it before you start. Dry it well.

Now you have to decide which is the bottom and which is the front of the rock.

Once you have decided which is the bottom, cut out a piece of felt to fit the

bottom and stop it scratching any surf. Glue it in place.

Now you can decorate the rock with paint, felt and pipe cleaners. Let your imagination run wild.

When you have finished let the paint and glue dry completely before wrapping.

Below are some suggestions for your designs:

kids craft ladybug painted rock paper weight


kids craft frog painted rock paper weight


kids craft mousepainted rock paper weight


rock painted as smiley face paper weight

Smiley Face

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