by Kelly Croslis

Inspiration. Where does our inspiration come from. Each day we look at the world around us and wonder what it all means. Each moment in time, each scene we look at, or action we take is an inspiration in some way.

In early Spring, as we see the first robin making it’s home in a blooming tree you can see the determination in his actions. The warm weather gives him hope for the months ahead. Food and shelter will be available and he can relax and enjoy the warmth and sun. We are not that much different. When we see the sun shine in the morning, we see hope, we become inspired for what the day may be able to bring. We see a plan for the day, hope for what may come our way. It is a never ending opportunity to live a life we never thought possible, we only have keep our eyes open to what is possible – even in the simplest moments.

What inspired you today? It may be something you didn’t expect, but made all the difference.

Kelly Croslis

Kelly Croslis is our Grandparenting and Sports Section author and editor.

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