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By Sonya Weiss – Interior Design – 

Mudrooms are one of the areas of a home that can fill up with a lot of clutter very quickly. It’s also an often overlooked canvas that’s ripe for decorating. There’s one rule of thumb to keep in mind when you’re decorating a mudroom. If you’re a family with children, you want to decorate the space with them in mind.

If you have children, you want to make sure that your mudroom has a lot of storage space and large hooks for holding coats. You’ll want a variety of cubby holes or other storage solutions where kids can stash their gear and go. On school mornings, the mudroom can help you keep all the items they need together-their bookbags, rain gear, lunch boxes, homework and permission slips.

If your child is into sports, cubby holes can hold all the sports gear and help get your child out the door in a flash. You can get custom designed shelving that’s tailored for your space. You can also go to a local home improvement store and buy shelving that you fit yourself. But a third option you can use is to take a dresser with large drawers that you repurpose to use as storage.

Your mudroom should have an umbrella stand, a bench where your child can sit to remove his shoes and a mirror for checking appearances before leaving the house.

When you’re preparing the walls for a mudroom, it’s best to use beadboard on the bottom half of the wall because simply painting the drywall won’t keep the dirt and dings to a minimum like beadboard does. On the top half of the wall, you can use a bright paint and decorate with family photos or framed collections of your child’s art or school accomplishments.

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