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Sharon Scott, LPC, LMFT – Recently my friend Lisa asked me what was on my “bucket list.”

If you didn’t see the movie “The Bucket List” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, it was about two terminally ill men who realized they had a wish list of many things to do before they died (their “bucket list”).  An idea began to shape up that one is never too old to dream and achieve those dreams.  It is a touching movie with an important message.  Take care of yourself—and that means your dreams also.


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Family counselor Sharon Scott is the author of 8 books including this delightful series for children that is "co-authored" by her savvy cocker spaniel Nicholas who makes learning valuable life skills fun.

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Back to Lisa’s question…. I had to stop and think for a moment because I’ve always tried to do the things that really mattered to me.  For example, I’ve always wanted to mush dogs and I learned to be a musher some years ago for a week in northern British Colombia, Canada.  It was everything I dreamed it might be—although a tad colder than this Texan expected!  After watching “Dancing With the Stars,” I wanted to learn to tango and I did.  Due to a scary childhood experience I had never learned to swim but, with a great teacher, I mastered that in 2004.  I always wanted to go on an African photography safari and I can check that off too—actually check it off three times!  I wanted to write a book (per other peoples’ encouragement) and ended up writing nine.

The moral to the story is that in my private counseling practice, I see so many people who take care of everyone, but themselves.  As a result, many are worn out and worn down.  Some are anxious and irritable.  Others are just overwhelmed and tired.  Many haven’t even thought about their dreams in a long, long while.  Everyone else is important; their desires are insignificant.

When a couple makes the children the center of their universe, it’s easy to have no time for the couple; much less for self.  So the couple can easily begin to live parallel lives and unhappiness and/or boredom can set in.  When you put yourself last on your lists of “things to do” and don’t eat, exercise and rest properly, the individual can lose enthusiasm, energy and focus.

So… take a minute to wish, dream and plan.  What’s on your “bucket list?”  For me, it’s go to Bora Bora and learn to scuba dive.  One day…….

P.S.  Please see my other column “Trust Your Instincts.”

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Sharon Scott, LPC, LMFT, has been making a difference in peoples’ lives for 30 years though her international keynotes and workshops, her eight award-winning books, and her private counseling services. Five of her books are a charming series for elementary-age children that she "co-authored" with her savvy cocker spaniel Nicholas. Each beautifully illustrated book teaches a valuable living skill such as managing emotions in Life’s Not Always Fair, building character in Nicholas’ Values, and making wise choices in Too Smart for Trouble. Sharon’s best-seller for teens is How to Say No and Keep Your Friends, 2nd Ed. Her books are available from HRD Press, 800-822-2801 or . For more information on Sharon’s many workshop topics that she can bring to your child’s school or community, please see her website at



Sharon Scott

Sharon is the author of eight award-winning books including four on the topic of peer to peer pressure.

The guide for parents/educators on how to peer-proof children and teens is Peer Pressure Reversal: An Adult Guide to Developing a Responsible Child, 2nd Ed.

Her popular book for teens, How to Say No and Keep Your Friends, 2nd Ed., empowers kids to stand out,not just fit in!

A follow-up book for teens, When to Say Yes! And Make More Friends, shows adolescents how to select and meet quality friends and, in general, feel good for doing and being good.

Sharon also has a charming series of five books for elementary-age children each teaching an important living skill and "co-authored" with her savvy cocker spaniel Nicholas who makes the learning fun.Their book on managing elementary-age peer pressure is titled Too Smart for Trouble.
Sharon Scott
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