Vital SavingsSM on Dental

Members can save up to 50 percent on dental care at over 61,000 available dental practice locations nationwide.*

Members can currently save an average of 30 percent** and up to 50 percent*** on everything from general dentistry and cleanings to root canals, crowns and orthodontia (braces). There are no claims to file. And there are no limits on how often your guests can use their Vital Savings by AetnaSM card.

Vital Savings by AetnaSM lets your visitors tap into several of the best programs Aetna has to offer, at no additional charge.

Vital SavingsSM on Vision

Access to significant savings at more than 5,000 participating locations through the Vision One® discount program! Free of Charge!

Your visitors will receive discounts on vision care, through the Vision One discount program. This program offers scheduled discounts on exams, eyewear, accessories and LASIK surgery.

Vital SavingsSM on Alternative Health Care

Access to reduced rates for many alternative, health-related services from chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and nutritional counselors. Also, your guests will receive discounts on vitamins and aromatherapy products. Free of Charge!

Vital SavingsSM on Fitness

Access to special rates on memberships at independent health clubs in conjunction with GlobalFit™ and savings on certain home exercise equipment.*** Free of Charge!

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