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The technology is better, outcomes have improved, the prices have dropped.

Lasik works! Are you frustrated with losing, breaking, or having your glasses fall off all the time? After enduring the stinging sensation of improperly washed contacts, for the millionth time I had had it. I recently became one of the many enjoying the benefits of better vision and less hassles through lasik.

The thing that was holding me back from getting lasik done in the past was the price. A couple of thousand dollars per eye will buy a lot of inexpensive glasses and disposable contacts. There are now clinics advertising the procedure for $300 per eye, when that flyer fell out of the Sunday paper, I was there the next day. I had just sat on my 'good' glasses to read the paper. I'd like to tell you about the process you can expect at one of these clinics.

The first thing was a thorough eye exam to see if I was a good candidate (about 80% of people are). I figured even if I flunked I would use the exam to get yet another pair of glasses. I passed. It was carefully explained that the procedure does not guaranty 'perfect vision', although most folks get very close to 20/20.

The next decision was on the type of laser to use. This clinic had 3 different types priced at $300, 800, and $1,300 per eye. This is quite a spread, (and an 'upsell'). The more expensive CustomLasik has the potential to improve night vision and the quantity of what you can see as well as the quality. Well, I had no need to spot quarters on the ground flying 30,000 feet overhead, and like I said, I am inexpensive.

Some things you may not know and want to ask about:

The procedure may not be permanent and you may need a touch up, ask about the cost.

The need for reading glasses should be discussed. Chances are if you need them now you may need them more after the procedure. The amount of benefit you get is individual and cannot be guaranteed.

The procedure itself is virtually painless and brief, but you will have to sit for a couple hors with your eyes closed afterward. There are drops used in the eye that numb it. The only sensations aside from a little pressure felt, were a little itchiness afterwards.

You may get dry eyes. You cannot rub your eyes, for an extra fee a small plug can be put in your tear duct to alleviate dry eyes. You will also not be able to drive for a day or three. Make sure you can head right to the drugstore for eye drops.

I noticed improvement in my vision within a day. There will be two or three follow up visits to check healing and vision. My distance vision, which was the main problem, got better and better over the course of two weeks. As was explained my need for reading glasses increased slightly. It has been about 8 months now and the only thing I regret is not getting it done sooner. I no longer feel I am hiding behind glasses.

Any elective surgery is a personal decision, but here is a case where the technology is getting better and better, costs are coming down, and reasons not to do it are disappearing.

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