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By Todd Kosher –

Did you know?

1.     Playing with dough increases imagination and creativity in kids.

2.     Molding and cutting dough aids in strengthening the kids” hand muscles.

3.     Kids, who play with dough, learn to tie shoelaces faster than those who do not.

4.     Spending some time playing with dough can increase the attention span of the kids.

The above listed points are just a peek into the world of advantages that playing with dough has on toddlers.

The appropriate age when kids can be allowed to play with dough is 3 and above. Most schools introduce dough molding as a part of the curriculum. For toddlers who have just begun their journey to academic and co-curricular excellence, playing with dough is a delightful activity that aids in their growth and development. Moreover, children enjoy every aspect of playing with dough. When given dough to play with, kids naturally feel motivated to create something interesting out of it.

Worried that your child does not make anything out of the dough? Do not be disappointed in case your child does not create anything out of it. Even if he or she simply keeps poking, squashing or patting it, the activity is helping to develop muscular movements. The activity also helps increase the attention span of the little ones. In every way, gushy, squishy dough, adds to the joy in your child’s play area. But why make it an essential part of kids” curriculum?

Here Is Why

Apart from being a fun activity that the little ones can pursue, playing with dough is something that can be taken up once they have learned how to manipulate the clay compound, for a number of developmental and therapeutic reasons. Thinking about what could be the educational advantages of playing with dough. Here are a few:

1.     It is necessary for proper sensory development in children. The activity improves the eye-hand coordination – a function that is essential for learning writing skills.

2.     Playing with dough has a soothing effect on the child, which helps in boosting concentration as well as focus.

3.     Rolling, squeezing and shaping the dough is a workout for the toddlers, which keeps them busy as well as active.

4.     Identifying and learning colors also becomes easier when a child regularly plays with dough.

5.     Learning about various shapes can also be done with the help of dough.

6.     Creating interesting things out of dough and then receiving encouragement and praise for the same, makes children develop “self-esteem”.

7.     Making interesting things out of dough or glowing play doughin groups can teach them a lot about sharing and teamwork.

8.     Children with special needs can benefit tremendously from playing with dough.

9.     The more creative a child gets while using dough, the better his skills develop. For example, poking match sticks in dough requires a certain motor function. It is a new skill that the child learns.

10.  The child learns about when to apply pressure to create a certain thing out of dough and when to use soft hands to round up the dough. These different motor skills, otherwise take a long time to develop in a kid.

The above listed reasons are sufficient to establish that play dough is a critical ingredient for a child’s mental as well as physical growth. Lumi dough is a notch above the other regular dough varieties available in the market for it is a type of glowing play dough something that your child will love to own.


About the Author Lumi Dough

Lumi Dough is play dough with a difference. The clay or dough manufactured by Lumi dough is a notch above regular dough because of its ability to glow in the dark. Lumi dough is also comparatively more flexible. It stretches and mold like dough. Playing with Lumi dough keeps kids busy, active and happy.

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