Celebrate Earth Day

by Patti Hermes

For those of you in need of a reminder, April 22nd is Earth Day.

And, unlike the “Hallmark holidays” where all you’re expected to do is send cards and flowers, Earth Day actually beckons a little more effort, a little more meaning in your observations.

In fact, Earth Day is actually a full day reminder for us to take all our good intentions and turn them into actions that can affect the future of the entire planet.

There’s a big difference in wanting to set a good example for our kids and actually doing it.

Every parent wants to provide the best possible future for their children, but many of us forget that providing for their future means safeguarding their home right now. And home, for all of us, is Planet Earth.

On Earth Day we can all look good.

  • Break down the empty box of fruit snacks and put it into the recycling bin for the earth.
  • Plant a tree in your front yard for the earth.
  • Plant some seeds in an old egg carton – all an exercise for the earth.

Need some more ideas?

  • Look around and you’re bound to find some trash that should be picked up.
  • Turn off the water faucet instead of letting it run while you brush your teeth.
  • Park the car in your driveway and go for a walk.

Set a good example for your family and your neighbors. Or, as we writers are often told, show, don’t tell. Demonstrations work wonders where preaching fails.

You may even spend Earth Day trying not to use any fossil fuels at all.

For many people that may be impossible, and for some it would only be a symbolic gesture (as in putting off doing laundry for another day). But you may just learn something about yourself and the way you live.

Get out a notebook and write down every time you turn something on, and when you turn it off. At the end of the day, read over your log of energy use and see what habits you can change, see how you can tread more lightly upon the earth.

Take the Earth Day Footprint Quiz ( to see how you measure up.

As for me and my family, I’m planning my week so that I can eliminate driving on Earth Day (and laundry too!). It’s late enough in the year that we should be able to get along without heat, and enjoy the outdoors. I’m even going to try for a no TV, no computer day, too. (it’s Screen Free Week, April 30 – May 6, so this will be a good day to practice!)

To help my children understand all the fuss about Earth Day, I’ve downloaded the free recycling kits from Planetpals ( I’ve also found additional project ideas for kids at and .

In the days leading up to April 22nd, we will be learning about the earth and what we can do to protect it for future generations. On Earth Day, you will find us outside, rain or shine, enjoying the wonders of the Earth! Won’t you join us?




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