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That spooky night grows ever closer with each minute. You’ve picked out the perfect costume for yourself and you have some of your favorite Halloween treats at the ready, but have do you have a game plan ready for your party?

The best way to keep your party alive with fun is to be prepared with some games and activities that everyone can enjoy. This list of games and activities will infuse your party with the kind of fun that will have guests of all ages ready to join in!

Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts never fail to provide a good time, especially when sweet treats are involved. You can split everyone into teams, or have everyone work individually.

1. Find some tasty treats that you can hide easily (fun sized Halloween candy works well).

2. Hide them in clever places throughout the house or yard.

3. Have your guests search for all the goodies you’ve hidden. Whatever they find, they get to eat!

Beyond the basics, you can try various different takes to spice things up! Try giving each guest a sheet of clues that gives hints to the hiding places of each treat, then count the number of treats each person or team has at the end to give the winner a special prize.

Monster Mash Dance Off Train

Halloween has spawned a number of holiday themed songs that will no doubt make their rounds to your party. This contest puts those songs to good use and will give everyone a reason to get on the dance floor. You’ll need these tracks, either on your MP3 player, computer or on CD.

· Monster Mash

· Thriller

· Werewolves of London

· Ghostbusters

Now, follow these easy steps to make a Monster Mash Dance Off Train

1. Elect judges for the dance off.

2. Form two lines, much like in the classic show, Soul Train.

3. For each song, your guests will have to make up their own dances, while moving down the line, based on the creature associated with the song. (For Monster Mash your guests will have to dance like Frankenstein, for Thriller have your guests dance like zombies, for werewolves of London have your guests dance like werewolves and of course, for Ghostbusters, have your guests dance like Ghosts.)

4. Have the judges determine a winner for each round.

Costumed Charades

Charades always opens up a door to silly antics at parties and Halloween is no exception,all you have to do is add a little holiday twist.

1. On small cards, write down the costume that each of your guests are wearing as they walk in the door (e.g. pirate, witch, skeleton, etc.).

2. Mix the cards up and randomly hand out cards to everyone at the party.

3. Split your party into teams (kids vs. adults and boys vs. girls are both good ideas, but it will all depend on who you plan on inviting).

4. After that it’s time to watch the fun unfold! Have everyone take turns pantomiming the character on their card without using any words, while everyone else tries to guess which costume they are imitating. Just try not to crack a smile after seeing a scary zombie trying to act like a fairy princess.

Popcorn Ghost Story

Ghost stories are a common staple at Halloween parties, but this activity puts a wild spin on it that can take the tale to a crazy new place!

1. Have everyone sit in a circle.

2. Start telling your spooky tale.

3. After 60 seconds (or however long you wish to set the time at), yell, “Popcorn!” and someone else’s name.

4. That person whose name was called continues the story where the last person left off.

5. Continue until everyone has had a chance to tell a part of the story. You never know how eerie or wacky the story can become!

Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern

This game might take a little bit of crafting skills, but as long as you can cut some construction paper, you’ll be fine! To make this Halloween themed game all you’ll need is a set of scissors and some construction paper.

1. Trace out the outline of a Jack-O-Lantern on your construction paper. Cut out a hole for the nose and be sure to save the nose piece! You will need this later to play the game.

2. Pin your Jack-O-Lantern to a piece of corkboard. If corkboard is unavailable, you can always just use some tape to stick it to a wall, but corkboard works best.

3. If you used corkboard, place a small thumb tack in the middle of the nose piece. If no corkboard was available, then you can use tape for this as well.

4. Now, blindfold a player.

5. Spin your blindfolded guest around a few times to disorient them and hand them the nose piece.

6. Send them off to try to place the nose piece in the correct spot on the Jack-O-Lantern.

Bobbing for Apples

The staple for any Halloween party, bobbing for apples has been around for ages. You probably played it as a kid, and your parents’ parents most likely played it when they were young. It might be an old one, but this game is great because it’s easy to set up and anyone can jump in at any time.

1. Get a wash tub or large bucket.

2. Fill wash tub with water.

3. Add 4-5 apples.

4. Have your guests try to get an apple out of the tub without using their hands.

Scary Word Scramble

Ever since I began learning how to read word games have always been a favorite of mine, so I have a bit of a bias towards this one.

1. Think of some Halloween phrases (for example: “Happy Halloween,” “Haunted House,” “Trick or Treat,” etc.). Feel free to get creative. You want the phrases to make sense, but you also want them to be a little bit challenging for your guests.

2. Write each phrase on a sheet of paper and cut each letter out into small squares.

3. Mix the letters up, but be sure to keep the squares for each separate from each other.

4. Split your guests into teams.

5. Hand each team a group of letters.

6. Whichever team is able to unscramble the group of words into their Halloween phrase wins.

Always Remember!

Use your own creativity! You know your guests and what kind of personalities, so go ahead and mix your own ideas into your party games! When one person has a great time playing a game, the good spirits become infectious, so don’t be afraid to cut loose and go for it yourself!


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