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It’s time to turn our thoughts to the next religious celebration; Easter.


As well as being a great cause for religious celebration, Easter is the perfect time to get all the family together and enjoy some quality time together exchanging eggs, engaging in Easter hunts and of course, divulging in copious amounts of chocolate!

And it’s often for these reasons that children adore the Easter period after all, with al

All of the excitement of the Easter bunny coming, what’s there not to look forward to!

But, as well as engaging in all of the activities mentioned above, there’s also a great way to get all the family prepared for and involved with the festive holiday; making Easter arts and crafts. Both you and the children are guaranteed to have great fun making Easter-themed decorations together, in preparation for the rest of the family coming over to celebrate.

So, to help get you started, here’s my pick of some great Easter themed craft ideas that the whole family can enjoy getting creative with:

glitter easter eggs
Photo by Leslie Keating

1. Egg Decorating

If you’re planning on having a big family Easter egg hunt in your garden this year, why not make it even more exciting by decorating your own eggs to include in the hunt? Decorating normal eggs is a simple crafting activity that you can do with your children, and they’re bound to enjoy spending the day making different designs for their eggs!

And what’s more, you can decorate your eggs however and with whatever you like! Simply use paint, glitter, felt tip pens or shimmer pens to make each egg sparkle! Wait for them to try and then the kids can go about hiding them in the garden.


A great way to also decorate them is to create Easter-themed animals, as shown above. Simply paint the eggs in a singular color and cut out some Easter animal features such as beaks, legs and wings for chicks and some ears and whiskers for a bunny, and let your children bring their eggs to life! Making Easter egg animals is a great way to add a whole different dimension to your Easter egg hunt!


craft easter bunny mask
Photo by Mikenan

2. Easter Bunny Mask

The Easter Bunny is often the most exciting part of Easter for many children. The excitement of waking up in the morning to see what chocolate goodies he’s left is a something I remember well as a young child.

So, why not make it all even more exciting for them by letting them be the Easter Bunny for the day with the help of their very own mask? They’re extremely simple to make simple cut out a template of a bunny head, complete with some eye holes, using either card or foam (the latter may be more comfortable when worn), and then let your little one decorate it however he or she wishes.

Pipe cleaners make great materials for whiskers (however, be careful of the sharp edges when using them around your children) and sticking on cotton wool with PVA glue is great for making the fur for your child’s mask.

Once it’s all dried, simply fasten a piece of elastic at either side of the mask and watch as your child takes on the role of the Easter Bunny for the day!


kids flower pot craft
Photo from Newport News Libraries

3. Easter Flower Pots

If you’re looking to decorate your home this Easter with lots of flowers, a great way to get the kids to help you in doing so is by creating these wonderful Easter flower pots they’ll not only help to brighten up your home, but they’re great fun to create.


In a similar way to the animal themed eggs, these flower pots can be brought to life with simple arts and crafts materials such as some paint, some foam sheets, card, stick on eyes, pens and pipe cleaners or any other materials you’ve got lying around your home! I

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