Books for Families on the Move!

By Barbara Bietz

suitcasesFamily vacations can be the dream of a lifetime or an expensive nightmare. While you can’t plan for every possible situation, a little preparation goes a long way. Traveling with kids can be a challenge. With some help from the right resources, you can create a wonderful experience for your family. There are of some highly recommended books and resources that can help you create a wonderful travel experience for you family. If you have a specific need or interest, there is likely a book available that can provide you with helpful information.

The I’m A Good Little Traveler! DVD Toolkit Series: Shae by Air is the perfect introduction to air travel. Little ones will learn what to expect, and what is expected of them. The more prepared your children are for the trip, the easier the flight will be for the whole family.

Healthy Travel: Don’t Travel Without It! by Michael P. Zimring, M.D., and Lisa Ianucci, is a comprehensive handbook to help travelers plan ahead for a healthy trip. The book includes tips for staying healthy during travel and preventing mishaps the might occur. There is information in this book regarding thing many of us don’t even think of, such as traveling with medications and required vaccinations. Families shouldn’t travel without consulting this resource.

California Healthy, Southern California Edition (America Healthy) (America Healthy) by Patricia Hamilton, Chef Biron, and Janel Willette is an example of the type of wonderful regional resources available for travelers. California is a vacation spot for many families. This plentiful guide offers abundant ideas for healthy eating alternatives to chain fast food establishments. When you are not familiar with a city, it can be daunting to find a restaurant that will appeal to the whole family. If you are traveling to Southern California, that challenge is over! This book offers information by geographic regions, and with entries including farmers’ markets and vegan fair. This book is filled with so much information, it will appeal to the first time visitor, as well as California natives.

Whatever your travel plans, be sure to be prepared. Check out the travel section at your library, the Auto Club, and the Internet for even more resources.

Happy Trails to you!

Barbara Bietz

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