denim fashionby Jillian Bietz

1. Your favorite magazine is:

a. Us Weekly or People. You like to know what’s up with celebrities.

b. Seventeen. You like reading about a variety of things from fashion to trouble with friends.

c. Vogue or InStyle. You love fashion and style.

d. Teen Vogue. You like fashion, but you like reading about real life issues too.

2. Which of the following is your dream vacation:

a. A beautiful beach where you can unwind on the beach and catch up on your novels.

b. A huge theme park. You love an all-American family vacation with lots to do.

c. A five star hotel in the city with a luxurious spa where you can relax.

d. Backpacking through Europe where you can mingle with the locals. You love adventures.

3. Your favorite meal is:

a. Anything exotic from an upscale eatery. You like to try what’s trendy.

b. A good old fashion peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You’ve eaten one everyday since elementary school.

c. A latte and a blueberry muffin from your favorite coffeehouse. You like to start your day with something familiar. >
d. A huge, organic salad with lots of veggies. Its healthy, not to mention delicious!

4. Which of the following would be your favorite pair of shoes:

a. Sky high pumps.
b. A trusty pair of sneakers.
c. Bejeweled flats.
d. A pair of flip-flops.

5. Your dream job is:

a. A famous model or actress. You love to entertain, and are fascinated with the high rolling lifestyle.

b. A schoolteacher. You love to make a difference and encourage others.

c. A novelist. You love reflecting back on your experiences.

d. An artist of photographer. You love to be creative.

6. If you could travel back to any era would choose:

a. The eighties. Leggings and bright colors are SO in right now.

b. The fifties. The outfits were so cute and so classic.

c. The sixties. Not only was it stylish, the music and movies intrigue you.

d. The seventies. Everything was so natural and groovy!

7. If you closet could be filled with only one designer, you would choose:

a. Betsey Johnson. You love to sport anything funky and cool.

b. Ralph Lauren. You love classic pieces.

c. Chanel. It’s ageless and modern at the same time.

d. It doesn’t matter as long as it comes from the flea market! You love vintage finds.

8. Your favorite subject in school is:

a. French.

b. Math.

c. English.

d. Art.

Mostly a’s: You are very trendy! Not only do you like to emulate celebrities and stylish friends, you prize funky fashion and everything up to date. Even though you like to try a little of everything (which is great!), you sometimes get lost in the shuffle of looking like everybody else. To avoid this, add a little something special that signifies your personality such as a stack of bright bracelets, or a cool pin. Letting your true self shine through will transform your style in no time!

Mostly b’s: You are totally preppy! Though some might see you as rigid, your personality is fun and quirky. You like to wear prints and solids, but aren’t so up on other styles. Try something a little feminine or funky to update your personal style. A lace headband or some colorful flats will add a little zip to your outfit without making you look like a mish -matched fashion victim.

Mostly c’s: You are very glamorous! Your sophisticated chic style is classy and pretty. You may seem reserved to some, but you have your own personality that your friends adore. Shopping is your passion, and accessories are key. You like classic pieces and will spend almost anything to get them! Try adding some cheaper pieces such as a pair of earrings or a pair of shorts to your expensive creations to look effortlessly in style.

Mostly d’s: You are naturally bohemian! Your outfits are original and eccentric. You don’t like following the rules of style when it comes to your own creations. Whether you are sporting an oversized t-shirt or a jumble of chains and necklaces, you don’t want to look too sloppy! Though you like vintage finds, try something trendy now and then!

Jillian Bietz is a high school sophomore. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, creative writing, acting and cooking.

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Jillian Brietz

Jillian is a fashion design and journalism student.
Jillian BrietzTeensFashion,Teens and ‘Tweensby Jillian Bietz1. Your favorite magazine is: a. Us Weekly or People. You like to know what's up with celebrities.b. Seventeen. You like reading about a variety of things from fashion to trouble with friends.c. Vogue or InStyle. You love fashion and style.d. Teen Vogue. You like fashion, but you...Parenting and Family Fun Activities for Kids