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By Glenn Lawrence

Forget sports or electronics. You know what dads really want this Father’s Day? Dads want dinner out with the family as a father’s day gift. That’s according to a new poll by

You read it right. Most dads want to dine out with family this Father’s Day and definitely don’t want a necktie, the online survey by shows.

Here are the numbers: 36-percent of dads want to eat out with the family for Father’s Day and 25-percent of dads say a tie is about the worst gift they could receive.

I think this survey will be eye-opening for those who think they know what dads want. Here’s my thinking: When it comes to being a parent, dads are not that different than moms. They cherish time with their families and want to know they’re loved.

Even as a dad myself I am surprised to see the results, since commercials and advertising would you believing that what dads want is a tie or the latest electronic gadget. The poll shows only 13-percent want something electronic.

Just over 8-percent want time alone to do what they want; 6-percent would prefer a gift that’s sports related.

One of the biggest shockers: The gift that dads want the least. A necktie. It actually beat out underwear for the bottom spot in the poll. Nearly 30-percent of dads said a tie would be their least favorite gift; 21-percent said cologne/aftershave; 16-percent said underwear; 15-percent said socks; 14-percent voted power tools as their least favorite Father’s Day gift.

Everyone expects men to probe to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day yet when it comes to Father’s Day most people assume sports, electronics and ties are the winning gifts. I certainly hope that this survey gets people thinking when they’re gift buying.

After all, I think dads deserve equal treatment moms. And they deserve to get what they want this Father’s Day. Not just another tie!

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