Since you are making these Father’s Day gift baskets, you have control over the costs and contents, you can make one for under $20 or as expensive as you wish.  Most Dollar Stores have baskets or boxes you can use as your gift basket. Below are some ideas about items to put in your Father’s Day gift basket. Let your imagination run wild,  choose fun and memorable items for your Dad based on his personality and what he likes to do.

dad's gift basket
Father’s Day Gift Basket

subscription to his favorite magazine
his favorite cologne
comfy, warm slippers
favorite candy
favorite spirits or beer
coupon book you make (take the day off ,dad, or I’ll mow the lawn this time, dad!)

Dad’s Day Candy Gram –

Fill a basket or box with candy mentioned in Candy Gram and attach Candy Gram Note

Dear Dad,

You are the best dad in the whole Milky Way. ( from a girl add -even though you are from
Mars and I’m from Venus). You Skor high points as a dad….don’t Snicker(s).
When you were born there was a Symphony in heaven! Your Hot Tamale(s),
Mom, still thinks you are a Big Hunk. I wish I could take you on a shopping Spree on 5th Avenue in New York (Peppermint Patty), but they
don’t have Builders Square there because they’re Nerds.
Love you Mounds,
Your Nut (Roll)

book lover gift basketFather’s Who are Book Lovers Gift Basket

Fill a basket with Best-sellers or books and magazines related to the book lover’s hobbies
and interests.
Large coffee mug,
Flavored coffee and or A variety of teas,
Comfy slippers,
An assortment of decorative bookmarks,
Neck pillows (great to use while reading)
Gift Basket for Dad’s who are Truckers or Drivers
Tootsie roll – so you can “roll” down the highway
Sponge – to soak up the rain, so you don’t have to drive in it Mounds – for the mounds of miles that you drive
Marbles – to replace the ones you’ve lost
Gem – to remind you that you are carrying precious cargo Aspirin – take two every day
Cotton Ball – to cushion those rough roads Rubberbands – for when your patience is stretched
Tums – for all the nervous stomachs
Mirror – to remind you how important you are.

campers gift basketCampers Gift Basket
Use a Backpack for the “Basket” and fill with your choice of the following:
Water Bottle
Swiss Army Knife
Folded Poncho
Camping Tin Dish Set
Frying Pan
Trail Mix
Dried Fruits
Matches in a Waterproof Airtight Container
Guide to backpacking in the local area
Camping Book

auto lover gift basket itemsCar Lover’s Gift Basket

Fill a basket or a bag with:
tire gauge
quart of oil
car wash coupons
squeegee for the windows
mileage log and pen
travel mug

Carpenter’s Gift Basket

Tool Bag
carpenters gift basketLife is Good T-Shirt
First Aid Kit
Retractable Utility Knife
Strap a Handle
Oversized Dustpan & Brush
Cord Wiz Pro
Nite-ize Hip Pocket
Bungee Cords
Work Gloves
25’ Powerlock Tape measure
Line Level 2 pack—Carpenter Pencil
Multi Duct Tape Roll
6pc Precision Screw Driver Set
Rubber Ear Plugs
Carpenter Pencil
Lumber Gift Certificate
Hardware Store Gift Certificate Hardware
Clean-n-Mean Handcleaner
Black & Decker The Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair

movie lovers gift basket
Movie Lovers Gift Basket

Couch Potato

assorted bags of flavored popcorn ~ other snacks like chips, nuts, candy
~ DVD’s ~TV Guide subscription ~TV Remote holder ~ Comfortable slippers ~ Cushion

Cowboy Gift Basket

Fill a cowboy hat with:
bolo tie ~ western belt buckle ~ boot protector ~ gift certificate for country dancing, horseback riding, rodeo, etc.

Executive’s Gift’s
briefcase gift basket
Fill a briefcase with:
business card holder (one for the wallet, one for the desktop)
pen and pencil set
newspaper subscription
shoe polish
reference books
desk calendar
coffee mug

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Families Online Magazine Online MagazineFamily FinanceGift Ideas,HolidaysSince you are making these Father's Day gift baskets, you have control over the costs and contents, you can make one for under $20 or as expensive as you wish.  Most Dollar Stores have baskets or boxes you can use as your gift basket. Below are some ideas about items...Parenting Support | Family Fun Activities for Kids