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We all have our low and gloomy times. Perhaps you had a stressful day at work, or had enough of your nosy neighbor, or woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

While it’s easier to snap at anyone and everyone around you, there are plenty of instant-get-happy tricks you can use. If you need to brighten a dull afternoon or turn a horrible day around, here are simple and quick ways to boost your mood, lower stress levels, and get more energy.



Walking is one of the easiest and proven strategies that help boost mood. The combination of exercise, open air, and the possibility of meeting friends outside guarantees a smile on your face, no matter how depressed you think you are. You can start by walking around the block to get your blood pumping. If you are up for it, you can walk longer distances. Within a few minutes, you’ll feel so much better.

Clear the clutter

Creating a clean and calm environment can give you a clear and peaceful mind. You can choose to make your bed first thing in the morning, clear your desk from stray papers and scattered paper clips, arrange books, organize magazines in piles, or remove the kitchen counter of coffee stains. This small and easy ritual can help you concentrate better on things at hand, rather than sulk the day away.

Let the sunshine in

Light, especially natural light, can make you alert and productive. If you feel blue, leave curtains and blinds open or go outside to get some sun-lovin’.

Music therapy

When you feel your mood is spiralling downhill, get your iPod, pump up the music, and dance or sing to your favorite tune. It is found that listening to music you love can help reduce stress, make you smile, and fill your mind with sweet music instead of negative thoughts. As long as you don’t damage your hearing with its blasting volume, music therapy is a safe way to enjoy your day.


Taking a long, pampering shower or bath somehow washes the gloom away. Aside from that, it also gives you significant alone time, allowing you to sort things out.

Get a good night’s sleep

Stick to a regular sleeping schedule, even on weekends and holidays. Studies show that adults who have lesser sleeping hours a day are more cranky, hot-headed, or depressed.

Increase water intake

Did you know that lack of water causes bad moods and depression? When you’re feeling down, you need a glass of clean, clear water (or two) to help your body get rid of accumulated toxins. More water means more circulation, more circulation means a happy heart, and a happy heart means a happy mind.

Do you know any other ways to boost your mood? Share them here.


Karen James

Karen James, PhD is an educator, child development and parenting specialist a the IMPI, International Maternity and Parenting Institute.

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