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Finnish: Meaning of Names — Origin — Ideas for Baby Names

NameMeaning of NameGenderOrigin




DOROTEAFinnish form of Dorothy (God’s gift)femalefinnish




HELLIFinnish form of Helen (light)femalefinnish


INGRIAINKERIhero’s daughterfemale


JAAKKINAfeminine form of Jukka (God is gracious)femalefinnish


JAANAJONNAJOHANNAfeminine form of John


JURMAlegend namefemalefinnish






KERTTUFinnish form of Gertrude (spear)femalefinnish


KYLLIKKIwoman of strengthfemalefinnish


LEPPAlegend namefemalefinnish


LIISAconsecrated to Godfemalefinnish






MIRJAMFinnish form of Miriam (rebellious)femalefinnish




RIIKKAfeminine form of Rikkard (strong ruler)femalefinnish








VAPPUlegend namefemalefinnish


VELLAMOprotector KalevalaThefemale


ANTTIFinnish form of Andrew (manly)malefinnish




HEIKKIFinnish form of Henry (rules the home)malefinnish


HEIKKINENsurname meaning son of Henrymalefinnish


HIETAMAKIsurname meaning sand hillmalefinnish


ILMARIlegend namemalefinnish




JANNEFinnish form of Johnmalefinnish


JARVIsurname meaning lakemalefinnish


JOKIsurname meaning rivermalefinnish


JOOSEPJOOSEFFinnish form of Joseph (He adds)male








KIRKKOMAKIsurname meaning church hillmalefinnish


KIVIsurname meaning stonemalefinnish


LIPPOlegend namemalefinnish


MAKIsurname meaning hillmalefinnish


MUSTANENsurname meaning blackmalefinnish


NILESpeople’s victorymalefinnish


OSKARIleaping warriormalefinnish


PAAVOPAAVELIFinnish form of Paul (little)male


PARTTYLIa form of Bartholomewmalefinnish




RIKKARDFinnish form of Richard (strong ruler)malefinnish


RISTOform of Christopher (Christ-bearer)malefinnish


SEPPANENsurname meaning smithmalefinnish


SEVERIlegend namemalefinnish




TALOsurname meaning housemalefinnish


TANELIform of Daniel (judge)malefinnish


TAPIOlegend namemalefinnish




TUOMASFinnish form of Thomas (twin)malefinnish


VAINOlegend namemalefinnish




VILJOresolute protectormalefinnish


YRJOFinnish form of George (farmer)malefinnish

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Greta Jenkins JenkinsBaby NamesBaby Name Ideas,Names and Their MeaningsFinnish: Meaning of Names -- Origin -- Ideas for Baby NamesName Meaning of Name Gender OriginANNIKKI bitter female finnish ANTTIRI mannish female finnish DOROTEA Finnish form of Dorothy (God's gift) female finnish EEVA life female finnish HELLI Finnish form of Helen (light) female finnish INGRIA INKERI hero's daughter female JAAKKINA feminine form of Jukka (God is gracious) female finnish JAANA JONNA JOHANNA feminine form of John JURMA legend name female finnish KALWA heroine female finnish KATARIINA KAISA KATRI KERTTU Finnish form of Gertrude (spear) female finnish KYLLIKKI woman of strength female finnish LEPPA legend name female finnish LIISA consecrated to God female finnish MAIKKI MAIJU bitter female MIELIKKI pleasant female finnish MIRJAM Finnish form of Miriam (rebellious) female finnish PAEIVI day female finnish RIIKKA feminine form of Rikkard...Parenting Advice| Family Fun Activities for Kids