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Most women feel like a child would surely put their career on an express train that’s falling off the tracks. Unfortunately, there’s a stigma about women that claims they cannot have serious careers once they’ve decided to have children.

This is truly horrible, but It’s not exactly news as this whole story about inequality between men and women has been going on for ages. However, nowadays, us women can finally stand tall without the fear of jeopardizing our careers if we choose to have a family. What’s more, recent studies have shown that working moms raise more successful children, one of the reasons behind this being the fact that they represent a great role-model.

Lately, the corporate world began to consider working moms as extremely valuable employees and there is a good reason why. The experience of having a child alters their mindset in such a way that they become incredibly resourceful, well-organized and solve problems more effectively. With this in mind, we bring you a list of ways you can make your motherhood work to your advantage in the business world.

Patience is a virtue

Being a mother definitely teaches us infinite tolerance and patience. We all love our children unconditionally, but we also know that sometimes they can truly drive us insane. Situations like these test the limits of our patience and tolerance and we get to experience them every day since we care about our kids dearly and never want to see them upset or disappointed.

Now, imagine having this amazing quality and using it for work purposes. Being extremely patient will allow you to become an excellent negotiator, team worker or basically anything you need to be. Patience is an amazing quality only a few people can master, so if you’re one of those people, put it to good use.

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Further education

We already mentioned some qualities that our children teach us and that can be very useful in the workplace. We are their parents and their most important teachers, especially in the beginning, but we can also learn a lot from our children.

Having kids will have a huge impact on your people skills and it will broaden your general knowledge. You’ll soon realize you have reached a point in life where you can easily understand any generation’s point of view, as well as handle some situations you’ve never been faced with before.

Career reevaluation

Maternity leave is not only a perfect time to bond with your baby, but it’s also a perfect time to put things into perspective. Make the most of your break from work to assess your position and the prospects of your promotion objectively.

This time off work will enable you to stop the roller coaster and face the truth, only this time you’ll be prepared. Think long and hard about what you want to do in life and feel free to chase your dreams. For instance, if you find working with kids interesting and exciting, you can go for a quality early childhood training.

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Another perk of being a parent and working is that you become a professional time planner. Your organizational and management skills will be through the roof and everyone at work will not only want you, but need you. Efficiency is one of the highest rated skills required in the business world and you’ll be the master of it.

Being human

Last but not least, one of the most deficient qualities in the business world definitely is being human. Imagine what kindness can do and how many people use it nowadays. Now imagine how powerful that tool can be. Why wouldn’t you use it in the workplace, too? You might end up changing the way the corporate world works.


All in all, whether you agree or not, there is no doubt that being a working mom has a lot of amazing perks. Luckily, times are changing and employers are becoming more and more aware of how amazing it would be to have a working mom in their office.


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