Healthy Habits: Fun Food Activities
By Cheryl Tallman and Joan Ahlers

kid fun foodSummer is the best time of year to get outside and smell the roses and the apples, and the spinach too. One way to get your kids feeling better about eating fruits and vegetables is to wrap some fun around them.

Here are some activities that will bring you and your family closer to fruits and vegetables.

Grow a garden: It does not have to be big or fancy. It can even be a lone tomato plant in a container. It is fun to watch the plants grow, and it's even more fun to harvest and eat them!

Shop the farmer's markets regularly: Farmer's markets have grown in popularity and in size. They are great way for local farmers to sell directly to consumers. They're also the perfect place to ask questions, learn what is in season and discover new recipes.

Attend a food festival: Whether it's the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City MI, or a local chili cook-off. Festivals are fun and offer an opportunity to try many different types of foods, play games, see a parade, and much more.

Go picking: Apples, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, walnuts or anything. This is an activity for all ages, and wonderful entertainment for a sunny day. One your way home, you can plan out what type of pies and jams you can make with your newly picked treasures.

Hold a watermelon seed spitting contest: Needs no explanation - just plain fun!

Tour a local farm: Many farms are open for tours, and this is terrific way to introduce your children to the industry of agriculture. You can contact a town's chamber of commerce or stop by a visitor center to find out about farms that are open to the public. Have a picnic: Pack up the basket with a tasty menu healthy foods and head off to the park or beach. Most children will anything that's inside a picnic basket!

healthy food habits

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