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Being a parent these days can’t be that hard, considering there’s a wide range of products and apps that can make your parenting a whole lot easier. Modern technology has given us a chance to try out some of the valuable high-tech products that we didn’t know existed. Listed below is a number of apps and gadgets that you might find useful while raising your children.

4moms mamaRoo baby swing

Each baby enjoys slow rocking movements before they fall asleep. Some parents use the strollers as an old-fashioned way of comforting their baby, by swaying them back and front. This can be tiring sometimes, and there’s no doubt your baby would start crying if you suddenly stop. MamaRoo infant seat offers you five different motions and the same number of speeds, which perfectly fits your baby’s needs.

The swing is Bluetooth enabled and all you have to do is to download the app to your phone to control the movements and the sounds. Also, the chair consists of a toy bar and a set of replacement mobile soft balls for the extra entertainment.

Keeping track of your baby’s growth

Who needs an assistant when there are multiple apps that can help a caring new mom. Their job is to guide fresh parents and teach them everything they need to know regarding their baby’s needs at each development stage. This way, you get all the information and practical advice which make your parenting journey a lot easier.

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Baby monitors

This is one of the greatest investments for the modern-day parents, since you don’t have to be present around the baby all the time. Baby monitors track your child’s daily activities, and allow you to see and hear your baby from everywhere and respond to her needs.

Oaxis watchphones for kids

Every parent wants their child to feel safe and secure, and keeping in touch with them has never been easier with this device. Smart watchphones allow children to connect with their parents wherever they are, and the voice calls are made with a single touch.

This wrist watch instantly blocks unknown calls and it protects all the locations on the device. If the children feel they are in danger, pressing the SOS button will alert their parents who will be able to see their current location. This is a great substitute for mobile phones which children don’t need at such a young age.

Keep it clean and practical

Are you tired of cleaning a dummy every time your baby drops it on the floor? If yes, then Doodle & Co Pop Pacifier will keep your children more germ free, as it automatically closes when dropped. The nipple that goes into your baby’s mouth pops back into its self-protective bubble and the pacifier remains clean. It comes in several different colors and it can also be used as a teething toy.

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Soothing sounds before the nap

If your beautiful singing voice has lost its ability to put your baby to sleep, don’t be upset because there is a pretty effective solution. The Lullaby for babies app is a lifesaver, and it only takes a few seconds to be downloaded, plus it’s free.

Also, you don’t have to wait for the baby to fall asleep to use your phone again, because the songs can be played in the background. The playlist consists of ten songs, and you can also select the time duration to keep the sounds playing for as long as you prefer.

There are no written rules on how to be the best mom and dad, but there are certain products that are super convenient for you and your little ones. By using one of these, be sure that your life as a parent will become less stressful and carefree.

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