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With winter reaching the end, it’s time to start planning your garden makeover and a few outdoor projects. The harsh weather conditions have probably caused a lot of damage to your backyard, so it will probably require quite some time and effort to create something beautiful.

Whether you’re an avid gardener or just enjoy spending time in a beautiful exterior, there are a lot of great projects that can boost the appeal of your outdoor space. You just need to start on time and plan everything in advance, so you have enough time to create the best design.

Start with the soil

Before you start making plans for your flowers and plants, you need to dedicate some time to the quality of the soil in your garden. Early in the spring, the soil isn’t hard at all, so you can use fertilizer to enrich it and prepare it for the plants.

Depending on the type of plants you want to use and the condition of the soil, there are different types of fertilizers that will help you create the base for planting. Pay attention to things such as weed and insects, and react before adding plants and flowers, just to avoid dealing with these problems later in the future.


Prepare the lawn

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Having all that snow covering your lawn surely helped you a lot because you didn’t have to mow it all winter long. However, now’s the time to continue this process every single week, but before that, you need to prepare your lawn for the new season. The cold weather and snow can harm your grass, and it’s possible that there are certain parts of your lawn that just don’t look that attractive anymore. Let the grass grow a bit and then introduce a mowing routine every five days for the first month. This will allow the grass to start growing equally, and your lawn will look amazing before you know it.


Do some cleaning

Apart from the plants, the rest of your backyard requires additional attention and you need to take care of everything. If you have a pathway, look at different ways of upgrading it and using it to balance the exterior design. This will allow you to move through your garden and backyard without walking all over the lawn. If you have a tile pathway leading to your house, think about using tile sealing services before the spring.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a pathway in your garden, think about investing in one. You can opt for any material that’s sturdy and resilient to all the weather conditions. Look at it as a practical way to add some style to the design, but also as creating a more welcoming area in the backyard.


Trim the trees

This is probably something you did in the fall, but you couldn’t have known then which branches won’t make it through the winter. That’s why you need to repeat this process once again and remove all the branches that didn’t start producing new ones to make sure they don’t jeopardize the growth of the entire tree.

Apart from that, you can trim the bushes and other perennial plants, letting them grow and enjoy some nice weather. This will allow your backyard to really blossom with the first days of spring and show all the truly amazing colors and plants. Also, your garden will look cleaner and more beautiful because all those clean lines will accentuate the green surfaces and make them pop even more.

Add some cozy furniture

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With the first appearance of the Sun above your backyard, you’ll probably feel a desire to start spending more and more time outside, breathing in all that fresh air. In addition to your simple garden chairs, there is a lot of cozy outdoor furniture you can add to your exterior, and enjoy the comfort.

For starters, think about the number of people you’d like to entertain there and add enough furniture for everyone. A great way to add some style and promote sustainability is adding wooden pallets and producing eco-friendly furniture that looks good and is also very practical.

This has become a huge trend in the last couple of years and people really enjoy this addition that’s easy to assemble and incorporate into any garden design. Just add a few decorative pillows and you’ll be ready to throw a party to welcome spring and show everyone how amazing your new backyard really is.

Preparing your outdoor space doesn’t have to mean too much work and a large budget.

If you plan everything in advance, you’ll be able to finish your projects before the spring arrives and start enjoying the nice weather straight away. Make sure to start on time and pay attention to every little detail to avoid starting everything all over again.

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