Being a grandparent is one of the nicest things in the world. It comes with a set of challenges, but ultimately all of it is worth it when we get to see our grandkids grow up into good people. But with today’s economy being what it is, worrying about our grandchildren’s future is a common thing. How do we make sure they have everything they need to start building a life of their own? How do we help them learn all the right things and make the right moves? Well, we’re here to give you a few ideas.

Work with their parents, not against them

You won’t always agree with their decisions, but you must never question the authority of parents, especially in front of their children. Help them by offering gentle advice, but always abstain from judgement, because it will lead nowhere, and unless they are actively endangering the kid’s health in some way, you shouldn’t try to force them to change their ways.

Instead, simply work with them, find compromises, and see what can be done to make sure everyone is happy. You’re family, and unless someone is constantly exhibiting toxic behaviour, you can work everything out. This, more than anything, will teach the kids some valuable social skills, and provide them with a healthy, loving environment.

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Help out with education

The thing that most young people struggle with today, is getting into a college and paying for the pricey education. Financial help can come a long way, because there are countless things to consider, like paying for tutors, private schools and universities.

There are a lot of online resources that your grandchild can use to learn, and you can advise them to use a note-sharing system with other students, like Griffith assessment notes. That way they’ll find themselves in a stimulating atmosphere and support of other young people who are learning the same things can be really helpful. So, learn more about technology, learn how to surf the internet safely, and you’ll find a bunch of helpful things.

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Don’t spoil your grandkids

It’s tempting, of course, especially if the other grandparents keep doing it as well, but ultimately it’s a bad idea. This doesn’t mean you can’t gift them things occasionally, but don’t make it a habit that every time they see you, they get money, candy or a toy.

You don’t want their interest in you to be associated with material things, and you don’t want to teach them that money equals love. Spend quality time with them and read them stories, listen to them talk, and maybe make a dinner together so you could teach them how to cook. This is a much better idea that will help them learn what matters in life.

Teach them how to save money

Somewhat related to the previous point, remember that if your grandkid wants something, you don’t have to buy it for them the first chance you get. Instead, let them earn their way to the things they want. Teach them how to save money, how to work part-time jobs, how to have patience and fight for things.

They need to know a thing or two about finance, and they have to understand that those green bills aren’t Monopoly money and that spending too much has real consequences. If they buy that chocolate bar they might be happy for a few moments, but they won’t be able to afford their favourite comic later on.

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Become active

This is good both for you and your grandchild. Get moving and start taking long walks with them. Teach them how to play football or dance, teach them how to become active and love sports. This will help them develop their bones, joints and muscles properly, and help you stay healthy as well.

In case you’re disabled or have doctor’s orders to rest, don’t worry, you don’t have to miss out. Watch figure skating together, explain to them the rules of baseball, get them a basketball, and if they practice a sport, never miss out their games.

Above all, love your grandchildren and show them how much they mean to you whenever you can. These are just some of the basics that grandparents can do to help out, and it’s a good way to build a warm, caring relationship.


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