Grandparent Buying Power

garndparentingAccording to The Grandparent Study 2002 Report from AARP, the top reasons grandparents spend money on their children are birthday gifts (97%), holiday gifts such as Christmas, Hanukkahh, or Kwanzaa (96%), because they enjoy buying things for grandchildren (93%) and to entertain or have fun with their grandchildren (90%).

Geandparent's Special Role

Grandparents hold an unique position within families as the link to traditions, culture and history. Your child learns from your parents, so help them stay close.

It's a new world out there and with the average age of a first time grandparent only 47, and baby boomers becoming grandparents, they will continue to play a vital role in families for decades," says Christine Crosby, founder of GRAND Magazine.

Grandparents Helping to Assure Their Grand Kids Future

More Grandparens Than ever before are acing to insure a college edcation for their grand children by prticiapingin program like Upromise

GRAND Magazine also announced the other nine finalists of the 2006 Sexiest Celebrity Grandparent Awards(TM), who all live life with spirit and passion while celebrating the grandparent experience.

- Tina Turner, the queen of rock and roll
- Paul Newman, actor, racecar driver, has given millions to children's charities
- Priscilla Presley, actress and wife of the King of Rock n' Roll
- Colin Powell, has served his country with bravery and distinction
- Peggy Fleming, Olympic skating champion and legend of the sport
- Harrison Ford, actor, pilot, box office sensation
- Goldie Hawn, TV icon of the 60s and spirited actress
- Whoopi Goldberg, one of our great comedic geniuses
- Pierce Brosnan, James Bond at his best