Food combiningFood combiningFood combiningFood combining
By Fatmah Azam Ali

Food combining… The Right Way to Eat!

The most vital component of good nutrition is Food Combining. It is said "You are what you Eat and hence for the best utilization and digestion of foods, food combining plays a very important role. People from different cultures have their varied diets and hence people eat different kinds of foods from different groups at a time which burdens the stomach and the colon giving rise to digestive disorders. Let's always remember and never forget that 45-60% of health problems come from an unbalanced diet and these can be cured on correcting the diet too. You don't really have to go for those gas-relieving tablets as long as you follow and understand the needs of your body. When your body shows unfavorable reactions towards a particular group/kind of food, better avoid it to the maximum and take a nice substitute instead. This is the best way to live healthy. If the same problem repeats and comes in a more chronic form, I suggest that you go to a doctor and do a medical check-up to be on the safer side always.

The best way to avoid the occurrence of any kind of digestive disorder is to follow Food combining rules. Obesity, Acidity, Flatulence, bloating are all the signs of improper digestion. Elson Haas in her book "Staying healthy with Nutrition says that simple meals of a few ingredients each, using a variety of foods over time, with concern about balancing our diet for the day or the week, is a more healthful overall approach to eating. There are 4 principles in Food combining and these are…

Fruits- Eat them alone or with other fruits but beware!

Fruits are simple sugar foods having high water content and hence they can be digested easily and can move through the digestive tract rapidly when eaten alone. When they are eaten with other foods, they tend to remain and ferment in the stomach acid. Exception here is only for the citrus fruits and nuts where the citric acid from the fruits assists in the digestion of nuts. Watery fruits such as sweet melon are best when eaten alone.

Proteins and Starches combination?

Bad one! Basic protein foods such as eggs, chicken, meat require maximum stomach acid levels for the best digestion due to their high fat content. Starches or complex carbohydrates are best digested in a more basic stomach medium and these include foods like pastas and grains. When proteins and starches are consumed together, we see how different conditions each of them require for the best digestion and hence with a combination of these two, the stimulation of the digestive juices creates a conflicting response and a medium due to which neither food is digested properly. Due to poor digestion, problems like gas, bloating, flatulence arise which is in turn due to the poor assimilation of the food. No wonder consuming beans creates a problem in most of the people because it has got a fairly good level of both, protein and starch. Beans are well known for causing intestinal gas.

Best Pairs: Proteins-veggies and Starch-veggies

This can be the toughest combination as it conflicts with our basic nutritional concepts because we eat fish with pasta and burger with a bun. With the first two rules, this leaves meals that concentrate on vegetables with a protein or a starch complement. You can combine some legumes with starch such as grains that will provide you with all the essential amino acids. These meals allow the body to best digest the foods and utilize their ingredients. So, food combining can be a major undertaking task, though it may hold a positive one for those people who need help in aiding their digestion and keeping excess weight off.

Only One Protein per meal

Mixing more than one protein such as cheese and meat can be a heavy on the digestive tract and this often provides extra fat and protein. People in most of the cultures eat too much of fat and protein and through the food combination way, they can avoid taking in excess fat and proteins.

Food combining is best for people having sensitive digestive tracts or intestinal problems. It also helps prevent the aging of the digestive organs in most of the cases. Though food combining can be very challenging and tough for you at first but if you are aimed for having a nice health always, this will not be as tough as you think it is. As time and days pass by, you will notice positive changes in you which will encourage you to take the best out of food combining. You just follow the rules and the type of food you choose, it's your choice! If you are determined, there is nothing that you can't do!

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