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For many of us who are familiar with the kitchen and cooking, it’s not something new and for those who are not, I see a few raised brows here. Herbs like Mint and oregano are used daily in our culinary purposes and no doubt they make your food look tasty and very neat, they are also used for treating a few mild disorders. Forget those analgesics, antacids, and paracetamols- for now at least! Dependence on these never let your system to work the way it should work- on its’ own that is. Most of us are in such a fix that we consume analgesics and paracetamols like a candy! A small pain, they open their medicine cabinet, rolls a few pills in their hand and gulp! There it goesÖ

Synthetic medications should only be used when needed. When taking care of your health, it is vital that you should incorporate more of than man-made as Mother Nature can never harm you. If it does not cure you, it doesn’t harm you either unlike synthetic medicines; we see that if it doesn’t cure you, it sure leaves a few traces of side-effects behind.

Here are a few herbs for quick use in emergencies instead of taking medications every time. Consult your healthcare physician before taking any of these. Some of us are sensitive to a few herbs so better check in.

Ready to explore a few surprises in your kitchen cabinet? Here we goÖ

BLACK PEPPER: Black pepper and cure? Some of us may have heard of our grandma’s miracle recipe using black pepper and a surprise- looks like our ancestors were right! Black pepper is not only used for curing diseases but also for keeping away from diseases- a preventive option that is. Your runny nose and are shooed away with Mr. Black pepper. Add a little honey to a powdered mixture of seven peppercorns and voila!

CLOVES: You got to be kidding! – I heard that when I told one of my cousins to have it for a toothache. I have had my share of bad tooth problems and those analgesics were no good! Only two hours of good sleep and it was back again! Things are different now since cloves came into my life. It was my mom’s idea. It can be warm for a few people so just make sure you are not sensitive. Cloves are the best for a toothache-, especially for quick relief. Toss a few in your mouth and chew. Anytime, Anyplace.

CARAWAY SEEDS: These happen to be my favorite. Caraway seeds help in the digestion process. Whether its’ or gas, caraway seeds can help you in both. Herbalists recommend an infusion of caraway seeds to those who have digestion problems. Caraway seeds also prove to be helpful for gripping. So, next time you have an indigestion problem, you know what to look for instead of your antacids. <Smiles!>

CINNAMON: Cinnamon sticks were also one of my favorites when I was a kid. I used to have them whenever there were no chocolates- strange for a kid though but I came to know its significance after I graduated from my Natural Health degree. Due to its warm nature, it is used to treat abdominal cramps, wheezing and coughs. Honey with cinnamon powder has proven to be useful for indigestion- it works wonders for me.

GINGER: As far as I can tell, I have been recommending ginger for nausea mostly. Whether its’ morning sickness or just plain nausea, ginger with honey again proves to be the best with an everlasting effect. It also proves to be beneficial for the flu. Add honey and lemon juice to the ginger extract for the cure.

TURMERIC: In India, turmeric is used for making skin creams. Myth or not, it has been helpful in clearing skin from acne as well as brightens the complexion. Turmeric powder added in warm milk is good for persistent coughs, especially during pregnancies. Turmeric is beneficial for nosebleed and .

MINT: Apart from flavoring, mint is best for colds and indigestion. Herbalists recommend mint for parasitic conditions such as ringworms. It is also good for constipation and nausea. If you are with an ulcer, it helps in healing ulcers. Mint is with a good fragrance with a refreshing taste. Have some mint tea in the morning to have a refreshing morning instead of black coffee. It is good for your health.

Try a few of these herbs at your convenience and notice the healthy changes in you. It works, its’ healthy and totally safe. Consult your family physician if you suffer from any serious ailment before taking any of these.

Fatmah Azam Ali is a writer and a certified health specialist. She has written hundreds of articles on health issues for print and online publications worldwide.


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