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Words to Live By for Your Walls

from Words For Your Walls

Have you ever been so inspired by the written word that you wanted to decorate your house with quotes? Then you thought; how would I even begin to do that? Now, there's a fun, new, easy way to create lettering for your home that, once applied looks hand-painted. Really!

home decorating ideas

Words For Your Walls are pre-spaced transfer letters for those who just are not artistically talented! Quotations, words and lettering, cut from adhesive backed vinyl, can be put on almost any smooth surface: walls, mirrors, wallpaper, furniture, counter tops, cars, windows, even floors.

No need to piece together individually cut stencils, no disappointment in your own artistic abilities, no hiring a decorative painter. With "Words for your Walls", you are the artist! Visit the design center at www.wordsforyourwalls.com and choose the words, typeface, color and size. You'll be able to preview how your words will look! Once you place an order it will arrive within two weeks on a long strip along with simple application instructions and goes up, literally, in minutes. And best of all, it doesn't look anything like vinyl! It can also be removed without damaging the walls. Once applied, your friends and family will want to know how you did it! The website also has tons of quote suggestions broken out by category to help inspire you.

When you add a quotation to your decor, it tells a lot about you and personalizes your space. It's so easy! In fact, the hardest part is probably choosing the words or the font that you want to use. But be certain…. whatever you choose… this will be an original piece of artwork in your home!

"Spell" out your personal style with decorative lettering. Any room in the house is a great place for it too: laundry room, bedroom, home office, family room, kitchen, etc. Personalize the baby's room, make your hobby room more special, motivate at the office, encourage the kids in the classroom, enhance focal points in your home like above fireplaces, over archways, bordering ceilings.

Use a quote from a movie, a grandparent, a greeting card, a poem or a song lyric. Use lots of single words to create a wall paper border. Consider putting a family mission statement in your home, use words in other languages for your parlor, or a much used family recipe on a wall in your kitchen. Use whatever words you want to live by!