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Spring into a New Home Office

If you’re like the over 40 + million Americans who work from home, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of battles. The battle to make your home office an organized, efficient space yet pleasing enough in design to make it a welcome area for yourself as well.

desk organizeNo one wants to spend his or her hours cooped up in a dismal work area, especially if your work area is threatening to bury you in an avalanche of paperwork waiting to be filed or acted upon.
With the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect time to change your home office into a space you can look forward to doing your work.

Writing on the wall…it’s not just for kids!

Behind your computer, paint words that inspire you or quotes from your favorite people. If you’re not good with freehand writing words or not comfortable with the thought of doing it yourself, hire a calligrapher to write on the wall.

Corral that Clutter

A messy desk can be overwhelming, not to mention the time it can cost in lost productivity while you frantically search for that missing piece of paper.

Take steps to get and keep on top of paper control.
If you’re not in the habit of keeping up with paperwork, a ten minute a day commitment can help you see the desk at the end of the pile.

Don’t like to use filing cabinets?
Use binders to hold home office paperwork. In the binders, slip the paperwork down in a page protector. On the outside of the binder, use a permanent marker for easy labeling. File these binders on a bookshelf. When you need to locate something, it’s easy when it’s properly filed.

Happy Decorating!

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