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What’s Your Number?

wood numberDrive through any neighborhood and take notice of how few of the homes really stand out with distinction. I’ve often wondered if it’s because people are afraid of being different, of not conforming to what others think is appealing about a home.

Take the ordinary letters that identify each home’s address for instance. It’s rare to find a home with numbers other than the standard black, brass, stainless steel or ceramic.

It takes a little creativity, but you can add charm and appeal to the numbers on your home. You’ll need to buy wooden numbers large enough to easily be seen from the street. You can find these at any home improvement or craft store. You’ll need sandpaper to smooth the wooden numbers with, as well as paintbrushes and acrylic paint that’s water based.

Paint the numbers with a color you like-remember to make sure the color won’t fade into the background of your home. Once the paint is dry, take a metallic paint pen-you can find these for less than five dollars at a craft store-and go over the numbers with little designs.

You may want to use a mini stencil if art isn’t one of your strengths. You can buy mini stencils in a wide variety of designs. If you’re into old cars, you can stencil old cars on the numbers. If you prefer sunflowers, you can do that.

Once the freehand or mini stencil design is dry, cover the wooden numbers with a coat of polyurethane. When they’re dry, display your numbers proudly on your home.

Happy Decorating!

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