Welcoming a baby for the first time is both joyous and stressful for parents since many things in their surrounding can harm the little one. It all comes down to double-checking every detail and making sure that you raise your child in the best possible safety. So, of course, when it comes to travelling with your baby that you are overpowered with worry and dread on what could go wrong.  

However, while as a parent you will always be invested in your child’s safety, there are some things you can beforehand to make it all less nerve-wracking. So if you are about to have your first trip with a baby, here is advice on how to turn it into a success story that will be enjoyable for both you and your child.

  • Make a list

A day before, while your baby is napping, start making a list of things you need to pack and carry with you on your trip. This list should include from clothes to snacks, as well as include things that you and your partner will also need along the way. However, the list will differ greatly when you travel by car or by plane since the latter doesn’t allow you to carry the complete baby equipment with you.

Therefore, regardless of how you travel, learn how to economize your packing and bring only the bare essentials with you. Also, keep in mind to divide things into two piles – the ones that go in the luggage and those which you need close to you. This will help you rationalize even more and avoid bringing unnecessary things with you to weigh you down.

  • Have a baby first aid kit ready

A baby first aid kit is a separate collection of items necessary to check and preserve the health of your baby and should differ from the standard one you have in your car. The items in this kit must be approved by the paediatrician and appropriate to treat your baby, like teething, rash and stomachache medicine. Also, make sure to pack creams to treat insect bites and scratches, as well as band-aids and disinfection products.

The medicine you will bring with you depends on the recommendations by the paediatrician and pharmacist in order to make sure they are safe for the baby. Medical devices like a thermometer, nasal aspirator and medicine dropper should also find their place in your baby first aid kit. As well as nail clippers, just make sure you bring alcohol to disinfect these items before use.


  • Keep things within arm’s reach

There are things you will need during the trip so you should separate them right from the start from other belongings. This means that you should designate one bag for these things and keep it close to you within arm’s reach.

For example, your baby likes to throw things outside their car seat and sometimes the toy gets stuck so you need to make a stop and retrieve it.

To avoid this, pack more than one toy and keep it close so you can easily replace the one that the baby threw away. Also, you will need wipes and additional clothing, as well as diapers and cosmetics to change your baby during the travels. After all, you may not be able to make a stop anytime you want, so you should be prepared to change your baby during the ride.

  • Always take a car seat with you

When it comes to a car seat protector, it is mandatory baby equipment which will make the ride both comfortable and safe for your child. Make sure that you position the car seat facing so your baby faces rear for the maximum safety. Choose a model that perfectly fits in your back seat and also is appropriate for the type of travel you are about to have. Some models can also be attached to a stroller which can save the space in your car, as well as make travelling by plane, train or bus easier. Additionally, some models act like baby capsules so you can easily carry your baby anywhere, especially where the terrain is not accessible for strollers. So, basically, a car seat will keep your baby safe even outside the car when you make stops or decide to do some sightseeing along the way.


  • Prepare a playlist to sing along

Although you’ve created a routine to feed and sleep at home, that might change during the trip and you have to find ways to keep your baby entertained. Besides bringing several toys and reading them a story, make a playlist with soothing songs your baby loves to hear.

Moreover, these don’t have to be baby songs so you can bring the music you like, as long it is soothing and not too energetic. Sit on the backseat with your baby and sing to them so they can see your face and that you are having fun. This will keep both of you entertained, as well as all other passengers in the car.


Going on the first trip with a baby will be travelling, but with some preparation and a few tricks, it will become a success story. Just plan ahead what to bring with you and map all the stops along the way to make as many breaks as necessary to make the trip enjoyable for both you and your child.

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