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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

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Yes, we doing it all ! by Greta Jenkins

Family and friends come over to share BBQ recipe secrets and cooking tips. We made the best ever BBQ chicken and ribs! entertaining the kids was easy with arts and crafts and outdoor games.

We spending time at the library, the kids really enjoy the reading hour and they picked out books each week. I enjoy mysteries and have squeezed in some time to sit on the porch sip lemonade and read while the kids run through the sprinkler.

My oldest son went to an mathematics summer day camp and my daughter attended one about science, both were offered by our local community college.

We had a very fun family week at Disney. We stayed at the All Star Hotel at Disney Resorts and bought the dinning package.  It made the trip easy and affordable.  We did not need a rental car since, the Disney bus picked up at the airport and the shuttle ran continuously between the parks and our hotel. the little kids loved the Magic Kingdom and so did the older one even if they wouldn't admit it! Everybody stayed cool at Blizzard Beach and we all learned a lot at Epcot. Perfect for fun history and science lessons.

We are going camping for a weekend in August. I'm as excited as the kids to roast marshmellows around the camp fire and try my hand at fishing. Hope you all have fun summer too!

Inspirational Poems for Graduates

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Emergence - I belive I can Fly - Desiderata and If (by Kipling)  - High School and College -

Poems to inspire and remember this graduation day.  Perfect for graduation celebrations and ceremonies for middle school, high school and college. - 

Graduation Poems for Preschoolers - 

For the Children - 

By Althea A. Anker -


Thank you God for
The children of mine
Who teach me things
That blow my mind..
They entertain themselves
In the funniest ways.graduation pre-school I pray that the innocence
They possess never goes ..........

Graduation Poems for Elemetary School:

Time Flows By Quickly

Judy Muldowney We can’t begin to tell you
Just how loved you are
We can’t believe how time has flown
And how you’ve come so far



Stress Free Graduation Parties and More


The graduation season is soon approaching and many parents and loved ones are looking for ways to mark the momentous occasion. Finding a stress free solution to celebrate the event can be easy and affordable with the following graduation party ideas. 

Implement a Plan

Include your teen in the party planning stage of the event. Allow them a number of guests to invite and set a limit on the costs. Include flowers, balloons, banners, tableware and food in your budget. To take some of the stress of planning off your shoulders, you can delegate jobs to your spouse and other family members. Each person has a particular activity to take care of, and they need to have it completed by a set date and time. Enlist the help of a disc jockey, so everyone can dance and celebrate the night away in a safe and adult supervised environment. You can also set up a station that is dedicated to your child and showcase their many awards and photos as they’ve matured and grown throughout the years.

Graduate Crafts and Party Favors

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Make this graduation a special one to remember with these handmade crafts and party favors for all ages.


Graduate Crafts and Party Favors- Party Table Decorations