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Children have a knack for bringing a youthful, vibrant feeling to any home. They also have a knack for being a little clumsy and that’s where we, the parents, come in!


If you’re moving in to a new home, there are some simple and effective ways to make the environment more kid friendly so everyone can laugh louder, play longer, and live safer.

If your new home has hard wood floors there are some special precautions you’ll need to take. The most important thing you can check on to reduce injury is the nails that secure the floor boards in place. Over the years, these nails can loosen due to the natural warping of wood. These loose nails can cause serious foot injury; simply hammer the nails tightly into place or replace them all together. It’s a cheap and very quick fix. Another thing to consider with hard wood or laminate flooring is the possibility of falling due to lack of traction.

Kids love running around in their socks and this creates an opportunity for a slippery situation so throw down a large rug or consider installing carpet for a safer space for the kiddos. Carpet is also a wise choice to add to a staircase: this easy solution will eliminate quite a few slips and falls when traveling up and down them. Choose a plushy carpet for extra protection against falls and slips.

Tables and chairs with sharp corners can pack a mean punch. Try selecting furniture with rounded edges, as these hurt a lot less when falling into. Sanding down the corners of any wooden furniture that may prove hazardous is a great weekend project that will pay off in safety. If you have a super-active tyke on your hands, consider adding soft foam bumpers to the corners of your furniture.

Home security systems are by far the most outstanding investment a person could make in ensuring the safety of their child. Sure, security systems keep unwanted visitors out, but they also keep your curious little one in which can come in handy during those moments when your hands are full. Moving homes is stressful; ease some of that stress by knowing your children are secure.

Keeping the kids safe should be the highest priority when it comes to home matters. Following these quick and fool-proof tips will keep your babies smiling, giggling, and loving home forever.



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