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Birthday Parties, Kids and Chaos
by Alana Morales

kids birthday ideasI have been stressed out lately with working and trying to get my first book manuscript written, so I decided that I needed a little R & R. So what did I do? I started planning my son's birthday party.

I am actually a bit late in starting. His birthday is in one month, so I am already beginning to run out of time.

Now wait. Before you start lecturing me about the size of kid's birthday parties and going overboard, let me warn you. I know the perils of having a party that is too big, but it doesn't apply to my family. Here's why.

My husband has an enormous family. For our daughter's second birthday, we had 45 people in our house and we were missing close to ten people. Out of the 45 only about 8 were family friends. All the rest was family.

Can you sit there and tell me that I have to choose which family members not to invite? I didn't think so.

For my son's party, we are running into a different problem. We want to invite more of his friends, which means that if we were to have the party at our house, we would have about 15 kids running around hyped up on sugar. Our house is crazy with two kids running around with no sugar, so as you can see, this is not an option.

Then we debated how grandparents would feel going to a kid place for a party. Since the idea of explaining to my German grandmother that at her age she probably shouldn't be on the air bouncey equipment doesn't sound like fun, we decided that we needed to do something else.

In our infinite brilliance, we have decided to have two parties - one at a kid place and then a barbecue at our house later for the family. As I get ready to write out the invitations, I can't help but wonder at what we were thinking. We wanted to be outside of the house so we didn't have the mess to clean up, but instead of being out of the house, we are having two parties on the same day, one of which is at the house.

Hmmm. I'm not quite sure what made us think this was a good idea. Yes, we get the kids out of our house for the party, but we still have to buy food and clean. Yes, my son will be able to focus on the presents he gets from people, instead of rifling through them at mach 5, but as parents, how are we going to handle two parties on one day?

Well, until we figure that one out, I think I will go back to relaxing - you know, figuring out what food to have, writing so many invitations that I get carpel tunnel instantly. All the fun stuff that goes with a mom's R & R.

Kids Birthday Party Games

Cat and Dog
Make a circle and choose one child as the cat who starts inside the circle and another child who as the dog starts outside the circle. The dog tries to tag the cat while the children making up the circle lift and lower their arms to try and stop the dog. Once the cat has been caught choose new children to play the cat and dog.

Name Game
Write the name of someone famous (make sure its someone the kids will know) or you can do charcaters from movies, tv shows etc on a piece of paper and tape it to your guests back. Everyone has a different name. They have to ask questions that can only be answered with a yes or no. For example: Am I a boy or a girl, animal or human...dead or alive...and then they try and guess who they are. If they get a no answer it is the next persons turn, if it's yes they get to ask another question. Everyone who guesses correctly wins a prize.

The Prize Walk
To play this game you need to have some paper plates with numbers written on them and a paper cup with the same numbers written on small squares of paper. To play you start the music and all the kids walk around stepping from plate to plate. When the music stops you pull a number out of the cup and the party guest standing on the plate with the same number wins a prize. Do not put that number back in the cup - keep playing until all numbers have been drawn. All the kids will have fun trying to keep track of which numbers have already been used.

Things I Love
Give each person a heart cut out of paper and have them write down their favourite colour, movie, book, animal, or food. Then put all of the hearts into a hat and have people take turns reading them. Try to guess who you think the author of each heart is.

Water Bearers
Have a start and finish line approx 10metres apart. Each player must get down on all fours at the starting line with a bowl of water placed on their back. The first one to get to the finish line with their bowl still on their back is the winner. If the bowl should fall off they must go back to the starting line and have their bowl refilled and go again.

Find the Birthday Numbers
Give each child a pen and a sheet of paper from the classifeds section of the newpaper - this section has lots of numbers on it. On the word "go" everyone has two minutes to circle all the numbers they can find that match the age of the birthday child. The person with the most numbers wins.

Balloon Stomp
Blow up enough balloons to have one for each guest. Tie about 70cm string to each balloon. Tie that around the ankle of each guest. The aim is to stomp on each other s balloons while protecting your own. The last one without a busted balloon is the winner.

Kids Birthday Party

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