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Kids Character Building Activites

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We all know what TV and comic book superheroes look like. They have capes, special powers and a whole bunch of fans. But, when it comes to the little people in our lives, the children, how can they be superheroes? Well, if we look past the special abilities and fashionable superhero costumes, it all comes down to compassion and the desire to be and do good, which means that there are ways to teach your children how to be superheroes. Here are some ideas how.

Discovering their talents

Just like all other heroes, your child has superpowers, too. Of course, for the sake of hiding their identity, we call these superpowers talents. Maybe your child is amazing at sports, they might be able to paint really well, or perhaps they can multiply numbers fast without a calculator. Whatever their talent is, work on developing it further and allow your little hero to become a superstar by doing what they’re good at and what they enjoy.


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All heroes need support

Being a superhero means that you can do nearly anything, but it doesn’t say anywhere that you have to do it on your own. Knowing when to ask for help is a superpower. All superheroes have friends or family who appear at the perfect moment and save the day. Just remind your child of the Avengers, who had to work as a team to send the bad aliens away from Earth. Plus, it’s always good to have visual reminders of your kid’s favorite heroes, so buy some posters, create some fun wall art, or get them some adorable hot toys  – collectible figures of superhero teams.

Being second doesn’t mean losing

Nobody is perfect and nobody can be the first and the best at everything they do. But, that’s fine; superheroes don’t worry about such irrelevant things. They know that everybody does their part in the fight for good. So, teach your little hero that it’s OK to be second, third, or even seventh sometimes. The important thing is to have fun along the way, no matter what they’re doing.


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Being helpful

Teach your child to recognize people in need of help and to be there to lend a hand. It could be their friend who needs help with homework, or a child they don’t even know, who fell down in the schoolyard and will feel less embarrassed if somebody offers them help to get up. Also, it’s very heroic to clean your own room, so that nobody else has to do it. That’s what heroes are like, emphatic and ready to help wherever, whenever and however they can.

Being persistent

Not giving up when things get a bit bumpy is a sign of strength and determination, which are traits every superhero can be proud of. Teach your child the value of persistence and hard work when they need to overcome obstacles they consider difficult. Knowing that they can succeed in something by investing their own effort and time in it will do wonders for your kid’s confidence and make them very proud once they achieve whatever goal they set for themselves. Besides, what would have happened to Riley from ‘Inside out’ if Joy and Sadness had given up on her?

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Making the world a better place

This is what superheroes are about – saving the world from villains. Those villains can be monsters trying to take over the world, but also people who litter, or your next-door neighbor’s arthritis, preventing her from walking without help. Being kind to those who need it is just one thing that can make this world a wonderful place. Projects like cleaning their favorite playground, planting trees and flowers outside the school or collecting clothes and food for the local homeless shelter will allow your kid’s superhero personality to shine.

There is a superhero in every child, just waiting to be recognized. And it will be, through every little act of kindness, every positive thought and a nice word your kid says. All you have to do is give them a little push and be there to support them in every possible way.

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