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by Candace A. Dietz

A lion cub named Lionel Said, Mama, this is final:
I cannot eat my peas,
So please don’t feed me these.

I’ll eat beans, broccoli and tomatoes, Celery, eggplant and potatoes; Cauliflower and carrots I’ll gladly finish And fennel, lettuce, okra, spinach.

I’ll eat up linguini and all my zucchini But please don’t feed me peas.
Please, oh please, not these!

I’ll eat apples, bananas, kiwi, craisins Papaya, mango, melon, raisins, Berries’black and red and blue, And peaches, pears and oranges, too. But please don’t feed me these. Please, pretty please, no peas!

I’ll eat yogurt, hotdogs, turkey, too; Ham, fish, sausage and tofu;
Eggs and liver, pizza, steak
And lots and lots of birthday cake! But, mother, no more peas, please, I don’t want any peas.

His mother said, You’ll like these peas’ They’re fresh from the pod. Just try them. Please.

Lionel tried the fresh baby peas.
Then he smiled and said: Some more peas, please!

Reprinted with permission from A BEE NAMED BEA And Other Poems by Candace A. Dietz © 2013, . 


About the Author:

Candace Dietz taught Spanish for more than 30 years to students of all ages in the Green Bay, WI area. She is the mother of four children and the grandmother of eight. Her two greatest loves are children and language. Dietz used theatrics and humor in her teaching and she recommends using  A BEE NAMED BEA in the early grades to teach drama and spelling. These little poems are sure to bring out the Drama Queen or Drama King in the reader and listener. Dietz lives in De Pere, WI, and is available to do readings for schools, libraries and other occasions.

Barbara Bietz

Barbara Bietz

Barbara Bietz, -Childrens' Books and Movie Section, is a children's author, magazine writer, children's book reviewer, and past chair of the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee. She loves talking about the creative process, books and the craft of writing. Her middle-grade chapter book, LIKE a MACCABEE,(Yotzeret Publishing) is a PJ Library selection. Barbara reviews books and movies and has contributed to numerous print and online publications. She also teaches writing classes for adults. Learn more about Barbara at www.BarbaraBietz.com
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