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Living Wills

Free legal Forms Last Will and Testament, and Living Wills

The right to a Living Will was established under the Patient Self-Determination Act applies to hospitals, nursing facilities, providers of home health care or personal care services, hospice programs and health maintenance organizations that receive Medicare or Medicaid funds.

A Living will:

1) Provide information, tailored by state, explaining the right to accept or refuse medical care and to execute an advance directive;

2) Provide information concerning the policies of the provider or organization with respect to such rights.

The law requires the provider or organization to document the existence or absence of an advance directive in the record of each patient or resident but does not actually require that such document be included in that record, if, in fact, one has been executed.

In hospitals and nursing facilities, information about a living will must be provided at the time of admission; in the case of a home health care or personal care service organization or hospice, a living will must be provided before care is undertaken; and, in the case of an health maintenance organization, it must be provided prior to enrollment.

Each state is responsible for developing its own written descriptions of its laws concerning advance directives , including both living wills and durable powers of attorney, whether recognized by statute or case law or both.

The law does not providers and organizations give their patients or residents the opportunity to execute advance directives ( Living Will). They must tell you right’s to one but you do not have to act.

Download Free legal Forms Last Will and Testament, and Living Wills

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