Save Big This Christmas

Low Cost Options for Holiday Gifting

In this final column of the year, you’ll find several low cost gift options. No matter whether it’s for a small child, a teacher or an aunt, you are sure to find at least one good gift idea that you can use this holiday season. Additionally, you can take these ideas beyond Christmas to any other gift giving occasion.

Target Dollar Spot

If you are near a Target, run in and check the dollar spot which is near the shopping carts at each store’s entrance. Here you’ll find super inexpensive yet nice coordinates that are ideal for gift giving. Holiday themed baby bibs and toys and cartoon character themed coordinates such as stickers, pencils, stamps, and toys are available. You can easily bundle three to four items into a nice gift set.

Gift Cards

Treat someone to a coffee drink or breakfast with a $5 or $10 gift card to Starbucks , McDonalds, or Dunkin Donuts. Unlike visa gift cards, there is no cost for the actual card or to activate it so all you pay is the face value. While minimal in value, these types of gifts are sure to be a big hit and guaranteed to get used.

Hand Soap

Another good low cost option is the Bath and Body Works antibacterial hand soaps. They are often on sale for four for $10. These are great for teachers, daycare providers, or secretaries.

Photo Books

Everyone loves to collect and reminisce with pictures. Photo books are a really nice way to give pictures as a gift. You can organize several on a page, use different colors to enhance them, and add words to further personalize it. Walgreens and CVS are infamous for low cost yet fairly decent photo books. You can upload photos from your home computer or take them to the store and scan them in for your book. Of all the options presented today, this one is one of the more expensive ones; however, through CVS’ Extra Bucks Program and Walgreens’ Register Rewards Program, if you time it right, you can score a photo book for free.

Custom Gift Baskets

Make a snack basket or bag as a gift. Purchase popcorn, candy bars, cheese spread, crackers, sodas, juice and anything else you can think of that the recipient likes. Combine coupons from the internet – — with weekly sales advertisements to purchase items for inexpensive. If you don’t want to use food, buy toiletry items like razors, shaving cream, or body wash. Think outside of the box to make it extra unique.

Finally, look out for store ads and cash register tape that offer $25 gift cards with a new or transferred prescription. There are no restrictions on the use of these gift cards. You can use these to purchase gift items of even gift it.

There are many low cost options for gift giving. As with any occasion, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a really nice and thoughtful gift. Good luck with your holiday shopping and Happy Holidays!

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