Market your Home Business. It’s Crucial!

by Jamie Edson Opielski

One major mistake made by new home business owners is that they expect clients to fall into their laps. What many do not realize is that it just does not happen that way. Unfortunately, when this happens they give up and let their dream slide right down the drain of marketing failure.

Starting a home business is almost the same as any big time corporate business out there. You still have to market. Major businesses put together a marketing plan with a budget that will get their business recognized by finding the right places to advertise. Whether you are a new or seasoned business owner, need to do this too. Once you have begun marketing your business, you have to continue to do it on a timed- consistent basis. If you fail to market consistently other businesses will steal the clients you have and those you could have had.

As a home business owner you have many options to help your business grow. Take a look at your advertising options and see what is best for your business. Start compiling a list of places you would like to advertise, online and offline. You need to make note of what kind of advertisement features there are, how long the advertisement will run, how much it will cost and approximately how many viewers it will reach. Though, when you are first starting out- only go with what your budget will allow.

Don’t forget about your free advertising options as well. You can start by sending out a press release. In the release talk about your business, what you services are, etc. Be sure to include your contact information so that prospective clients can acquire you. You can submit the release to Press Release directories, many are free. Submit to your local newspaper, news stations, etc.

Another free option is by writing articles. Can’t write articles? Sure you can! Write what you and your business are about, what you do and how they will benefit from hiring you. Include a bio with your contact information, web site if you have one, email, etc. Then you can submit to the article directories. There are tons out there, most are free. What will submitting articles do for you? It will get you noticed for starters.

The next free option is to Network your business. Doing this is simple. By joining networks, this provides you the chance to meet other business owners, spread the word about your services, do some free advertising and join groups that share your passion of running a business from home. See, when you join networks online- many of them have specific days through out the week that let you advertise on one day, have resources available the next and so on. Networking in a nutshell can be very beneficial.

Another important key is to keep your marketing days on schedule. Keep a calendar; show start and end days for your paid advertising- do make a note as to which ad it is. Keep track of when you submit your articles and press releases. Keep track of your free advertising/networking. In the end keeping track of all of this will prove to be beneficial as to what methods are working for you.

Lastly, keep at it. Stay persistent. You more than likely will not see immediate results; it could take weeks to months. When your business is your passion, persistence becomes your obsession.


Jamie Edson Opielski

Jamie is a work at home mom living in Universal City, Texas with her husband and their four children. She is a published Poet and started her Writing/Copy Writing Business shortly after she quit working out of the home. She started submitting poetry for Families Online Magazine and later starting writing the Work at Home monthly column. Jamie expanded her horizons as a Virtual Assistant managing the help desk for She is now the Director of Operations for and the Support Manager/Asst to the President of Jamie also creates Character Letters for children. She published her first book Tangerine Sky- a book of poetry and short stories.

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